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Known until now as the goblet of the Infanta Dona Urraca - daughter of Fernando I, King of Leon from 1037 to 1065 - is displayed in the Basilica of San Isidoro in Leon, northern Spain. Photo: AFP

Known until now as the goblet of the Infanta Dona Urraca – daughter of Fernando I, King of Leon from 1037 to 1065 – is displayed in the Basilica of San Isidoro in Leon, northern Spain. Photo: AFP

Even though I have been with my Twin [consciously] for almost 2 years, I still would never profess to understanding the complexity of this relationship. I will say though that it is a relationship that is deeply personal and should never be compared with that of another. It is also deeply intimate and I think it is for this reason that so little is known and shared. It is best just to trust your Self and to go with the Flow of Love you will find within your Sacred Heart.

Let me first explain that when I talk about my Twin, I am talking about my I AM Presence, and the greater part of Me that exists in the Higher Realms of Consciousness. The term ‘Twin Flame’ is more accurately described as your Divine Counterpart, your Male or Female essence which is present in each Soul and Being. I have also referred to this part of myself as my Higher Self and Consciousness. This part of me is also my guide. I have no need of another. But I understand that in the beginning when I was going through periods of intense releasing that he would be assisted by other Light Beings who are a part of our Soul Family. They would shower me with their love and together they would be bring me back into the Light. This happened often in the beginning. I would get so caught up in the negative energy that I sometimes thought I would never find my way back. But I always did. Light acts as a Beacon of Love. It is powerful, more powerful than you may know or realize. The Power of Love is Infinite!

The reason I am sharing this with you is that right now many of you are going through difficult times. Think of yourself as a Holy Grail holding the energy of Divine Love. With the intense incoming energies your cup is filling up with Light and Love and anything that is not Love is being brought to the surface for clearing. If you are working consciously with your Twin or Higher Self, then they will help you to release this negative energy. They do this by acting as a mirror reflecting back at you things you don’t like about yourself. Sometimes something or someone will come along that will trigger an emotional response within you that will help you to see what it is that has surfaced and is ready to be released.

The mirror metaphor is one that is also misunderstood. Your Twin is not your opposite, but it may appear that way when there is negative energy between you. For those of you who have found your Twin on this side, which is a very rare phenomenon, and only happens in cases where Twins are highly evolved and have a very distinct purpose here, the same applies. Both of you will act as mirrors reflecting back at each other negative energy and emotions that are coming up for release. For instance if one feels that he or she is not good enough, then the other will reflect this belief back at you. You may be thinking that it is your Twin that has this issue, but oftentimes, the issue is yours also. This can result in an extremely tense and difficult relationship. Archangel Michael has likened this to a “Can’t live with and can’t live without” relationship.

I also want to say that people you come in contact with can also act as mirrors to help you release emotional blocks and negative energy. Sometimes someone in your life is there for that very purpose, and nothing more. It can be a soul mate that we have formed a soul contract with prior to incarnation. Soul mates do not always have a romantic relationship, this is a human misconception. Very often a soul mate is just someone who has agreed to help us clear and release deep emotional issues within our consciousness. It can be a close family member, or just a friend. Think of yourself prior to this incarnation, sitting around a table with your Soul family, knowing that you are going to be releasing all these negative emotional issues in this lifetime. One of your Light family members may say to you, “Don’t worry, I will come with you and help you release it.” Archangel Michael has referred to this before in previous channels where a close family member will say to you, “If you go, I’m going.” These Light Beings are close members of our Soul Family and when they connect with us here, and they always do find a way to make a connection, you will feel a deep sense of love for them.

I always say it is best to connect with your Higher Self and Consciousness to help guide and support you through your transition. You are not alone here, and if you are not working closely in partnership with your Self on the higher realms, then establish this connection as quickly as possible through meditation and then follow your intuitive guidance. If you are ever unsure, you can ask for confirmation. Be assured that the answer will come.

I asked my Twin why Starseeds are going through such intense clearing and releasing right now and he replied that many of us have been here for many thousands of years. During all of these lifetimes we have stored up negative emotional energy within our energy body. Many Starseeds are also releasing for Gaia and for the Collective such as the releasing of the Atlantis trauma and the trauma that occurred within the collective Feminine Consciousness with the establishment and rule of the Patriarchy for many thousands of years. These huge clearings are undertaken by Starseeds who have specifically come here to Earth to establish a New Reality for humanity. There are many other traumatic events that have occurred over the years and a deeper level of this negative energy is coming up for release now. Use the layers of an onion as a metaphor. Some of this negative energy is being released in layers as more intense high frequency Light reaches us.

Love is the antidote to negative energy and it is always the answer in any situation. Just know that whatever is happening in your life right now will be resolved through the Power of Love. Remember that love starts with You. It is important to love yourself unconditionally. This is not always easy, but our Higher consciousness is helping us all the way.

We all have available to us immense resources of Divine Love that will wash away all our pain and suffering. There is nothing that love cannot heal. Go within your Sacred Heart and stay there. That is the best advice I can offer you today.


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