Love his interpretation of what is happening now with the April energies!

We’ve been taught that we are separate, it’s either me or you. There’s not enough for everyone, we’ll never make it through. This mindset of division, is robbing me of my strength. Its fostered fear and lack of trust, it’s time to give it back.

This Solar Eclipse in Taurus is the perfect time to break out of old survival patterns and patriarchal conditioning. One great way to break through separation is to ask for help! This is a great time to give others the opportunity to feel their power through giving and for all of us to come together in love. If everyone asked everyone for help just think of how much help there would be haha! Injoy the NEW…… music by jeffoster.com

Its time to trust each other, its time to feel our connection to All That Is! It’s time to be be birthed into the New Paradigm.

In Lak’esh!