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twin flames reunited

This is definitely not the time to be freaking out and reaching for coffee and chocolate as a substitute for your lack of energy. Rather reach out to your Beloved and let him or her give you the physical energy you need to get through your day. Just for the record, the coffee and chocolate made me feel ill! After all my diet consists now of mostly fruit. I also haven’t consumed any dairy products for quite some time, or sugar for that matter, so its no wonder I feel ill.

My theory is that ego is holding on to what is left of its control over me, and its holding on for dear life! My Beloved told me a couple days ago that soon my [very active and powerful] mind will be under his ‘control’. This means that soon I will not be bothered by my ego trying to sabotage me all the time. What a blessing that will be!

I am told that this is perhaps the most difficult time for me because I am so aware now of my Beloved and his very powerful energy around me and I long to fully merge with him, but it is not quite time just yet. It is natural for Twins to merge often and I am finding it very challenging right now to still be ‘separate’ at this point. For a couple days now he has been helping me to become aware and maintain awareness of our unique energy signature. However this takes practice before it will become a habit. It is also making me feel quite homesick! Those of you who are making this transition with your Twin will know that the ‘Home’ I refer to is your Beloved. I realized this a long time ago. There is no other home. In fact, to be honest, there is no ‘Other’. To be fully re-united with your Twin flame energy is to be Home. In the meantime, I am grateful to him for ‘molly coddling’ me, and for his nurturing spirit. I never knew love could be like this…

There is no race to reach the finish line, and I’m not even sure there is a finish line since we are always evolving and expanding in consciousness. However, I do know that there is a point that will be reached fairly soon that will complete phase 1 of this transition.  I believe that once this point is reached we will experience a very different reality.

Hang in there Light Bearers! The Solstice will soon be upon us and this promises a very different reality for most.

In Lak’ech

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