It’s a gorgeous rain washed morning in Mexico City. It’s quiet and the birds are chirping away. So peaceful. I’ve had my breakfast smoothie and I am settling down to enjoy a restful meditation. I wasn’t expecting to write a blog today but I am feeling that something is coming up, and it has to do with Mother’s day..

Have you ever wondered why so many people have issues with their Mothers? Myself included, by the way, but since I am now living far away from Cape Town, South Africa, our relationship has improved. Maybe that is due to the fact that when we talk now we tend to focus more on the positive. However, it is fact that many people have ‘Mother’ issues and it seems that we are most often reluctant to deal with them.

Often it is those that are ‘rubbing us up the wrong way’ that have the greatest gifts for us. Ask yourself, what is it about my Mother that is causing me to feel this discontentment, or resentment etc.. My Mother was always criticizing me, and I never felt good enough for her, and because she never tells me she loves me, I believed myself to be unlovable, which spilled over into my adult life and my marriage, which needless to say, didn’t work. But I have come to the realization that her behavior was a reflection of how I FELT ABOUT ME. And until I had cleared these negative beliefs about myself, she continued to show me that I have them. It is the ‘mirror reflection’ scenario at work. Those that are in this life with us, are not placed there by accident. They were chosen by us, and vice versa, to overcome issues and to move through our obstacles, and push us through the boundaries we have placed around ourselves.

So if this upcoming Mother’s Day is filling you with dread, ask yourself why. It is NOT the day itself that is causing you to feel this way. It goes much deeper than that. You can stand your ground and say to yourself, I am not going to let this day affect me. I am going to remain calm etc. etc. Whatever, you choose. But know that those are excuses, and by dancing around the real issue you are not dealing with why you feel that way in the first place. So what is it about your Mother’s attitude or behavior that is a mirror reflection of your own? It is always something negative, and if it continues to come up for you then that means, it is time to face up to it, and to clear it.

Namasté Beautiful Light Beings! I love you!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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