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It is so easy to become despondent now as we are becoming tired of having no energy and tired of our aching bodies. I am asking my Beloved, “When is this going to end?”  And he tells me, “Soon, Beloved.” What I do know though is that it doesn’t help to complain about it. We need to see our transformation as a gift, because that is truly what it is. When you feel negative thoughts and emotions surfacing, just release them. Do not give these negative thoughts your energy, you will only make yourself weaker. I also know that if you ask for physical strength you will receive it.

I believe we are now standing on the cusp of great change that is manifesting within us. For some of us it may feel as though nothing has changed, but know that there are changes happening. You cannot see what is going on beneath the surface. Just trust that it is happening, and have faith that everything is as it should be. Soon you will have so much to look forward to. Your life will be enriched with blessings that will astound you!

I also want to say that we are not alone in this transformation process. We have access to many resources of strength, the main source being within our own Heart as we connect to our Higher Consciousness. This meditation I want to share with you because it has helped me to move forward with Divine Grace and Love. The Seraphim Angels are there to serve you also. Take advantage of all these resources because they are there to help give you the inner strength and courage needed to help you stay positive and focused. This meditation is only 10 minutes long and I guarantee it will not only give your inner strength and courage, but you will find peace also.

Finding your Inner Strength and Courage

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Just for the next few moments, relax into love and go within to your Spiritual Heart where you can find the truth and understanding to accept our words and allow them to carry deep into Love and Divine Grace.

In this moment now, receive Divine Grace. Go within to your Spiritual Heart.

Beloved to find your strength and courage you must go within to Love. It is here where true strength of purpose and courage to move forward are found. These are not weak and feeble forces that can be buffeted by stormy seas and dashed upon the rocks. When you find inner strength through Love, nothing can dissuade you.When you find inner courage through Love, nothing can crush, defeat or put your from your path.

In this moment now, receive Divine Grace.

It is from this stance of courage and strength that you can face any obstacle, any challenge that stands before you. For the only way to move from where you are to where you want to be is to step forward. You cannot stand still for life is not designed that way. You have the choice to use the strength and courage of Love to move you to a place of delight and wonder. Or you can be pushed in a direction you no longer wish to go. You must choose every moment, where you are going.

In this moment, Beloved, choose to receive Divine Grace.

When you find strength and courage based on Love, your choices become a delight and a joy. You are no longer pushing against your world, but riding on the waves, enjoy the ride. You know exactly what to do in each moment. You are no longer confused and perturbed by doubt and uncertainty. The road ahead is clear of mists and fog that make your choices complicated. Now you can see clearly the road ahead and where you are going. This Beloved, is the delight of Divine Love, Clarity and Focus.

Beloved sink into Love and be carried away in the embrace of the Divine.

Beloved we are your Angels and we Love you so much.

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