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balance-yinyangIt is time now to remember who you are. It is time now to form a close relationship and partnership with your self. It is time now for you to love your self unconditionally, to release the emotional pressures of the past and to embrace that Divine YOU that exists within. It is time to remember your True Self and it is time now for you to experience Divine Love, the kind of love that is not of this world. This love is available for you to experience, and you will only find it within you.

It is time now to come together, to form a partnership and to bridge the divide that exists between the masculine and feminine forces of energy that make up who you are, to open yourself and to embrace this energy that is the real YOU. This means letting go of all the ego based ideas and thoughts of who you thought you were, and what you think you need, and embracing who you really are as a Divine Being. A Being that exists with both the energies of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Until these both aspects of yourself have been fully integrated, you will not feel complete, you will not feel whole again. You will always be searching outside of yourself for fulfillment, and you will always be looking for that perfect ‘Other’. I am here today to tell you – there is no Other. There is only You!

It is the role of the woman now to educate their men, to educate their brothers and their sons. Help them to get in touch with their feminine energy by guiding them to be more unconditionally loving, compassionate and nurturing towards themselves and others, and to be more in touch and aware of the feminine forces of Mother Nature and Mother Earth.

Divine Love is a force so complete, so powerful and empowering. It is this love that is empowering us as Divine Beings of Light. Unless you are living in the embrace and energy of this love it is difficult to imagine it exists and can exist for and within you whilst you are in a physical body on Earth. For this reason I am going to recommend you read “The Heart of Love”, a book written and channeled by Gail Swanson through the energies of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene. This book will bring to life for you and help you understand this powerful love. The book is available from www.theheartoflove.com

When reading this book you may be overwhelmed by sadness, but this is a good and positive thing. You will be releasing emotional pain and sadness within you and within the Feminine/Masculine Collective Consciousness. This is pain and sadness that has been building for way over 2000 years and it is time now for it to be released. We cannot move forward into true freedom until this is done. Before the patriarchy came into full power, the matriarchy were in power and the matriarchy suppressed the masculine. So this is a long time coming, and not just since the time of Jeshua. It goes way back before then. It is this that Jeshua came to teach us, that we are to go within to find “The Kingdom of Heaven” that exists within each and every one of us. It is only within that we will discover our true nature, which is Divine Love. It is only within, that we will heal this divide, the gap or bridge of separation that we have created.

Allow Jeshua and Mary Magdalene and the Divine Mother to help you. Recommend to the men in your life that they read this book. It may just be the greatest gift you can ever give them.

As stated in the words of Mary Madgalene, we, the feminine, must connect and integrate our energy with our masculine in order that balance be restored. Many women have undertaken the role of the masculine in order to survive. They are supporting themselves financially and emotionally and in so doing, they have neglected their feminine side and it is time now to let go and to let their masculine energy do what it naturally does, and that is support you in every way. Within you are both energies. It doesn’t matter which form you are wearing.

“The Power of the natural balance of the masculine and feminine is a power most mighty and a most sacred and healing balm. How shall the balance be restored? When the divine feminine connects to the stars and heaven and breathes the remembrance into her physical body on earth, this shall create a power reborn. Continue to call upon the memory of love. Hold fast in your desire for truth. Seek only the truth within. For there you shall find… your own sacred heart.” ~ Mary Madgalene

It is only once you have made this connection with yourself that you will feel your own true spirit and your connection with one another. This is the journey that must now be undertaken to return Home, back to Oneness. It is through Divine Love that all healing will occur within you, emotionally and physically, and within the Collective Consciousness.

“Begin now to feel this most powerful remembrance. Begin now to vow to open your heart and your soul by quieting the mind for this is the new dawning and you are the living prophecy of love.”

Namasté. I see you, and with the power of Divine Love, I bless you.

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