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4069858600_25047f27f0_zIt can be difficult to elevate your thoughts if you are living in an environment where there is a lot of negativity, but it is not impossible. I live in Mexico City with 22 million other people so I have a lot of negative energy around me every day. This negative energy only affects me if I let it by having negative thoughts myself. There is only one solution : Stay in your heart.

I listened to Laura Pleiadian’s transmission the other day and this helped me to realize how important it is to stay in your heart at all times now. Make it a habit. I have been getting the same message over and over from Michael. “Stay in your heart at all times because I can help you.”

As humans we are in the habit of looking at the negative, and we totally miss out on all the beauty around us. I am reminded of a message I posted a long time ago after a walk I’d taken with Michael. During the walk in a beautiful tree lined lane, I was looking at the ground and noticing all the garbage strewn about on the pathway. Michael told me to elevate my sight, to look up to the heavens, and notice the trees and the birds. He told me he doesn’t even notice the garbage because it is below his level of awareness.

You are at a point now where it is important to be aware and conscious at all times. Your breathing can help you remain in a conscious state. In 3D we lived in an ‘auto-pilot’ state where we allowed our sub-conscious to determine our behavior. Now its important to be living in a conscious state. Even becoming conscious of our breath. Breathing in through your heart and out through your mouth will help you to let go of all negative thoughts. Imagine breathing in Love and breathing out everything that is not Love. Become conscious of where you are focusing your mind, and your awareness. The message today is to elevate your awareness, and to stay positive and in your heart, and you will automatically elevate your reality and experience more peace and joy in your life.

It may not be easy to practice this at first, but its not impossible. You are not alone in this reality, you have helpers. Engage their help, engage the help of your Higher Self, who is always standing by waiting to assist you and to help make your life easier for you.

Remember you are the co-creator of your reality. If you are experiencing a life that is not desirable, then you have the power to change that. The power lies within YOU. Esther Hicks is fond of saying “It’s all YOU, only YOU.” And she is so right.

Michael and I have started a separate website where we offer free Spiritual guidance and support – http://www.archangelsanddevas.com. Get in touch with us there if you need some help.





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