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Image source: mischeif--managed.tumblr.com

Image source: mischeif–managed.tumblr.com

Are we moving forward at lightning speed or what?? Being the typical Gemini that I am, I’m trying to juggle around a million and one things instead of just focusing on one. My Beloved says I am making him crazy! “Deborah, please, just stay in your heart with me…”, he pleads with me all the time, but I am so excited that I cannot contain myself for one second. This morning, after being awake since just after 3 am dealing with artwork from my graphic designer in Spain and my client in South Africa, I finally make the time to sit with my Beloved. I go into my Heart center and immediately feel the pull of his powerful energy. He tells me to relax my head against the wall behind me as this will create an anchor point for me with Gaia. “You mean Gaia can help me ground through the wall?”, I ask to make sure I heard him correctly. “Yes”, he replies. “She is helping you ground my energy.” I know this already, as he guided me intuitively some time ago already to do this. When I move my head away from the wall just for a moment, I feel once more his intense and extremely dense energy, so I lay my head back against the wall again for support and it becomes easier to handle. He then tells me to focus on being in the Diamond light as this will automatically anchor itself through me. “Automatically?”, I ask. “Yes”, he says. “The Diamond Light has consciousness, it knows how to anchor itself through you. All you have to do is maintain the light around yourself at all times.” He then tells me once again, “Everything happens with intention, Beloved” with a smile.

There is something else about the significance of being in the Diamond Light now at this time. Our bodies are changing and we are morphing from carbon based energy into light energy, the highest form of consciousness which is the Diamond consciousness, and the Rainbow Light energy of our Creator Source. By maintaining this powerful and creative Light around you, you are aligning yourself with All That Is, and co-creating your new reality even faster than before.

Another matter I want to discuss is timelines or time spirals. For the last couple weeks I have been feeling as though I’m walking on air, even though I am grounding myself daily. I have many instances of feeling a sense of floating around in a spiral almost. Many others have experienced this also. I also feel as though time has speeded up on ground level. The days are becoming blurry, they speed along so quickly. Last night something really peculiar happened. I woke up during the night and felt myself lift off the bed. I felt a lot of vibration and at first I was a little scared. Then I felt myself go through the ceiling of my room and I thought, “Wow, I just went through concrete…”, and then for a little bit felt myself float off in what I imagined to be a tiny spaceship made for two. Afterwards, I thought it must have been my merkarba, since I don’t think they make spaceships that small. Michael laughed and said, “spaceships are conscious and you can make them any size you choose.” But it wasn’t a spaceship we were floating in at all, it was our lightbody. He told me that we had visited a new timeline we’ve created and we will practice going there over and over again until I can maintain conscious awareness of being in that timeline. This is a new timeline of conscious awareness for me, as Debbie. Already I am excited about going back into that timeline to see what it is it holds for me, and what I can create there. This is also a bit mind blowing, so if this is happening to you also, it’s best to stay in your heart and not let your ego interfere with your experience. Michael tells me to not worry about what this timeline represents for me now, to just focus of being in my heart and staying within the pillar of Diamond light. “This is all I ask of you” he tells me.

Perhaps let me explain how I understand timelines. These are realities, just like the reality or life you’re living here on 3D or 4D. All of your lifetimes are timelines or realities you experienced within the 3D realm of consciousness. But now you are becoming able to ‘make’ or create timelines in a higher realm of consciousness, and it’s going to take some work to maintain your conscious awareness of BE-ing in this timeline in order for you to live in this reality. Just a note; it is more accurate to refer to a timeline as a time spiral since all energy moves in a spiral, not a straight line.

There is so much happening now and its so easy to be pulled off course by the excitement. I feel as though I could do a million things, but I still tire easily and I need to rest a lot, which I sometimes avoid. “There is so much I want to do” I tell him, and he smiles back at me and says “I know Beloved, but trust me, you will soon have the time to do more. For now, just be with me. Soon a time will come where you will CREATE time in order to achieve everything you’ve set out for yourself to achieve.” He smiles again, “Patience my Love….”.

What an exciting time we’re living in! We’ve waited so long for this! “Yes, we have!” he smiles again. He is so happy these days. He is the source of all my Joy and more of which I cannot even begin to describe. BE-ing in this state of constant love, joy and peace is the destination station we are all headed for. So all aboard the LOVE train! Here we go again!!


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