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solstice celebrationThe 21st June Solstice is just 2 weeks away and we’re inviting YOU to celebrate with us! This Solstice promises to be the energy boost we’ve all been waiting for. This energy boost is going to propel us forward like nothing before. We’re all standing on the cusp of great change and we’ve been waiting a long time for this moment! Just what are we celebrating? We’re celebrating LOVE, and we’re inviting you to get on board The Love Train with us!

We’re already feeling the increased energy of this upcoming Solstice and we’re being pushed, if you will, to release all our doubts and fears of the unknown and to allow ourselves to move forward fearlessly. Something that stuck in my mind a while back is Michael telling me that even though it may appear as if he has given me reason to doubt him, I must NOT doubt! Trust is the most important factor in our transition process. As humans we tend to trust that which we can see. We’ve all come across these sayings at one time or another: “Seeing is believing” and “The Proof is in the pudding”, and they have led us into false beliefs and thinking and undermined our faith. Spirit does not need your trust or your faith, but it will go a long way to making your reality easier and your transition smoother. You can only have absolute faith and trust if you stay in your Hearts. Letting go of control, and letting Spirit lead you is what will propel you forward at this time.

For the next 2 weeks we invite you to sit in meditation each day for just 10 minutes and go within your Heart. While holding the intention of being surrounded by the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness and the Rainbow and Diamond Light of our Supreme Creator, we ask that you bathe the entire planet in this light and see this light filling the hearts and minds of every single human being here on Planet Earth. See this magnificent energy healing, comforting and loving every form of life here on Earth. Send it to the rivers, the forests, the oceans, the air, the dolphins and whales, the animals, Mother Nature and Mother Earth. Throughout your day, send your love to everyone and everything you encounter, even if its something you don’t like. Especially if its something you don’t like! There is no need to attend protests and to carry banners forcing change to happen. Your true power does not need your reaction. TRUE POWER IS CREATIVE, not REACTIVE.

You are powerful beings and its time to remember who you are and to stand in your power. You may see a small physical part of yourself every time you look in the mirror, but what you do not see if the magnificent body of energy that is extended way past your sensory perception. This body of energy houses your True Self, a magnificent and splendid creation capable of helping you change your entire reality. If you let it.

With just 2 weeks to go you can effect major change within yourself and within the collective consciousness by focusing your attention on BEING DIVINE LOVE. Love is expressed through feeling it. Therefore FEEL LOVE, first of all for YOURSELF and then for everything and everyone. LET GO AND LET LOVE SUPPORT YOU IN EVERY WAY.

The energy of love is the most powerful creative force in the Universe. Within you lies a direct path, a portal, giving you full access to this power now and we invite you to go within and to use your power. We invite you to stop looking outside of yourself and START BELIEVING THAT ALL YOU WILL EVER NEED IS WITHIN YOU.

The true concept of Oneness can only be fully comprehended and understood once you have become ONE within yourself. In other words, once you have merged your lower consciousness (physical) with your Higher Consciousness (Spiritual). And you can only fully do this once you have let go of all that is not love within you, by loving yourself unconditionally.

Oneness is like love, it cannot be explained because there are no sufficient words that can describe it in our language. Oneness can only be felt, and when you fully allow yourself to surrender to Divine Love, will you begin to grasp the meaning of BEING ONE AND THE POWER OF BEING ONE.

To celebrate this wonderful upcoming Solstice we’re giving away free angel card readings to those who are looking for guidance. We’re also offering free counseling and guidance on our new website www.archangelsanddevas.com. Sessions can be booked via Skype. Please contact us via the contact form or inbox us on our Facebook page.

Thank you for helping us to spread the Light! Together we shall prevail!


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