Round brilliant polished diamonds.Healing is a process similar to that of peeling an onion…

Emotional and physical healing – both are intertwined – happens over a period of time and it is a process not unlike that of peeling the layers off an onion, layer by layer, until there is no more onion, and nothing more to hide.

Imagine yourself coming here into this life experience a perfect and sparkling gem and you shone like no other until something happened to make you shine less. The little gem is shocked that such a thing can happen in this world, and thinks that perhaps she should protect herself from ever being so exposed and vulnerable again, so she dons a cloak to cover herself. Off she goes and a few years later, something else happens that shocks her, so she dons another cloak, thinking that she needs more protection. And so it happens, that the little gem wears many cloaks, hiding herself, and preventing herself from shining too bright, lest she attract more bad things.

The little gem forgot that in this world there are many illusions, similar to being in the hall of mirrors, where you can see yourself distorted and even ugly. The little gem forgot that all the layers she is wearing is hiding her true sparkling self, and when she starts to remember this, she is afraid to shed the layers for fear of being exposed once again.

This metaphor is how our life experience has been. Michael and I were talking yesterday about this being the age of transparency and how we now have to expose ourselves and show our true selves in order that we can be fully healed of the trauma, the pain, the sadness etc., that caused us to hide ourselves in the first place.

Each of us has become stronger through our life experiences and we have shown great courage in the face of adversity, and we have even shocked ourselves at how brave we can be, but it is time to shed our cloaks and shine once again, because we are safe now. No one is going to hurt us anymore.

We have become our own best friend and we have learned that there is no longer a need to hide. We are remembering how loved we are, and we are feeling this love all around us. We know now that we are not alone, we are fully supported and no matter how difficult it may be to expose ourselves, to shed all these layers of protection, we can do it, because we are safe now.

We will see that the mirrors that distorted us were illusions, and if we look closely, we will see our true sparkling self just waiting there in the folds, waiting to be exposed once more so we can shine once again.

Little by little we peel the onion, and so we heal ourselves. It is a process that happens over a period of time. We only have to be willing to let go and surrender, knowing it is totally safe to do so. It is safe to acknowledge our Divinity. It is safe to sparkle and to shine our light, to be a beacon to others. This is our purpose.


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