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Braco (pronounced Brahtz-so),is a man from Croatia who has a very special gift. He has the ability to channel the Creator’s miraculous healing Divine Love energy through the simple act of gazing at you. The eyes are the window to the soul, so you receive this healing energy directly from the Creator Source through your eye contact with Draco, directly into your Soul.

And.. because everything is energy, and energy is not bound by space and time, it works via the internet.

You go to the site below and follow the instructions on the hour(s) you wish to gaze. The helpers talk about a spiritual topic or about Braco for 20-25 minutes. There’s a short video clip, the he comes on and gazes at you for 5-7 minutes. You look in his eyes, quiet your mind and just intend to receive whatever love and healing energy wants to pour into your life through this Soul.

I managed to catch the last session today and they showed a video clip of Braco swimming with the dolphins. After watching him for about a minute or so I started to feel a warmth spreading through my heart chakra. After the session had ended I still felt the warmth in my heart and my heart feels HUGE, and hours later, it still feels that way. Even if you do not have any physical dis-ease, I would recommend you attend at least one session for emotional healing.

Streaming schedule – USA Time Zones:

EDT-Eastern Daylight Time
CDT-Central Daylight Time,

• June 6 – 13 (Friday through Friday)
9am – 5pm EDT
8am – 4 pm CDT
7am – 3pm MDT
6am – 2pm PDT

• June 14 (Saturday)
3am – 9am EDT
2am – 8am CDT
1am – 7am MDT
12midnight – 6am PDT

Streamed sessions begin each hour on the hour and last for approximately 45 minutes. All live streams are free and you are welcome to participate in as many sessions as you wish.

Visit this link: http://www.braco-europe.tv/