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Does your behavior support your beliefs? There’s a story I read once online about a group of townspeople who decided to get together to pray for rain. The town had not had rain for many years and they were in dire straits. So they all gathered together in the towns square to pray for rain, but sadly, only one of them, a small boy, brought an umbrella.

Do you really believe and trust in your Higher power? Or are you just trying to convince yourself you do. Because if you’re TRY-ing, you’re not BE-lieving. Having absolute faith is knowing something is. It’s trusting and believing something to be, even though the evidence is not yet there in front of you. Even though you cannot see any evidence. No wonder Jesus said all it takes is the faith of a mustard seed to move mountains. Makes you wonder…

I wanted to blog about this today because its so important to question what it is you’re believing. Some of us are going through some really tough challenges right now. The powerful incoming energies are forcing up all that is NOT LOVE within us, so that we can BE-come LOVE once again. This is our true nature, our absolute ESSENCE, our True Self. Remember you cannot DO love, you can only BE love. And you can only BE something if you totally believe it to be true.

I received this message from Michael the other day:

“I am asking you to believe, and I am asking you to trust me, and to do this you need faith. I am asking that you begin to comprehend yourself as ME, in every way. It is only when you can fully comprehend yourself as ME, that you will fully know me. I can help you do this, but you have to help me in return by seeing yourself as I see you, as the perfection that you are. You are perfect in every way, and until you believe this, you will always think I am better than you and you will always believe I am separate from you.” ~ Archangel Michael

With this full moon, question what it is you believe. Go within and ask your Self to help reveal your beliefs, because some of these beliefs, many in fact, may not be conscious. The sub-conscious or unconscious mind is where 95% of your beliefs are stored in your mind, and it is these beliefs that govern your behavior. The full moon is the perfect time to release all limiting beliefs, and all that is not love within you. Do it now, before the Solstice.

You have much to look forward to ahead of you, but it is going to take some work on your part before you can harvest the fruit of your labors and your endeavors. You have been given tools, and you’re being guided in every second. We all know this, so its not a question of: “Am I receiving guidance?” Its more a question of: “Am I listening?” Listen with your heart, not your ears.


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