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I have been watching Braco’s live streaming sessions from Croatia, and I continue to be astounded by the transformational and healing power of the energy that is transmitted through this man. This energy is Divine Love, and it comes through him from our Supreme Creator. If you are having any difficulties right now, any health issues, or if you just want to remove and release emotional blocks and negative energy, I highly recommend catching Braco before the live streaming ends on Saturday. What is so amazing is that you don’t have to DO anything special except gaze back at his eyes. Standing to receive this energy is preferable whilst gazing back at Braco because the energy moves through your physical body, into the ground and back again through your energy vortices or chakras. Essentially what happens is that you are opening yourself to receiving this energy.

The healing stories that people tell during the sessions are so encouraging. I wish that everyone could experience Braco! But the good news is, you can, because Divine Love is your birthright. It is the energy, the true essence of who you are at Source. Once you open your heart, you open a gateway or portal for this energy to flow through your physical being and you can truly FEEL this love within.  This energy is transmitted through your Higher Self directly from the Source of All That Is. Once you have opened yourself to this wonderful and magical energy, your life starts to become transformed. You automatically feel more peace and you will also experience more joy in your life. This energy also aligns you with the energy of Christ Consciousness and so you will feel more compassion.

All you have to do is intend it. You don’t have to DO anything else, except let go and surrender to this energy. It is through intention that you will receive this energy to help you transform your life. If you need guidance or help moving through the blocks, then ask Archangel Michael to help you. One of the ways in which he can help you is through the Trinity of Blessings. He will continue to help you to remove any energy blocks that stand in your way to experiencing Divine Love in your life. This is an ongoing process, like I mentioned in a previous message, healing happens on many different levels, and its like peeling the layers off an onion until we stand naked, or transparent in front of our Creator, with absolutely nothing to hide. Trusting this process is key to the transformation happening, as doubt and fear will only create more blocks.

There is absolutely nothing the Divine Love cannot heal, or change in your life. That is why we have said so often: “there is nothing you need outside of yourself”, because Divine Love is not something that you will find outside of yourself. It is accessed within you – within your Sacred Heart. We call this your ‘Sacred Heart’ because the heart is the connector to your Sacred Self. Yes, you truly are a Sacred Being!


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