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Yesterday I was listening to the magical sound of Lisa Indish’s delightful fairy voice on her CD Via Poetica and it occurred to me for the first time how healing sound can be. I have always loved music, it is an intrinsic part of who I AM, and I cannot envision a life without it. Sound calms the mind, soothes the Soul, and heals the body, there is no doubt about it.

Once again I am being reminded that there is nothing that we have to do, except BE. BE in Joy, and BE in Love, for these states of BE-ing is all that it takes to renew, revitalize and heal ourselves of all that is not love. When in these states of BE-ing we are unconsciously, via our Divine Self and Higher Consciousness, receiving and transmitting this healing energy into our physical and energy body and out into the Universe. We do not even have to know where we are transmitting this healing energy to, and to whom, because our Higher Consciousness knows this already, and it is sending the healing to where it is most needed. Our Higher Consciousness knows our intentions, it knows what is in our Hearts.

Isn’t this wonderful? So DO what brings you Joy and move away from that which does not resonate with you. Stop to think before just automatically doing something. Ask yourself, is this working for me or not? In the books ‘Conversations with God’ which are available on my Downloads page, God says that there is no right or wrong, only that which works or doesn’t work. So instead of following the crowd, start questioning your actions. Is this really serving my purpose, or not? Is what I am doing serving my highest intention as a vehicle of Divine Love?

Like the author of the book says, if eating a salami sandwich brings you Joy, then by golly, do it!!! Follow your Bliss Angels, there is no other way! Listen to heavenly sounds that ignite your Soul, and free your mind. This life is meant to be en-JOY-ed!


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