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Archangel Michael - You are Safe

This morning I narrowly escaped getting my eye poked out with a piece of wire. I bent down to pick up something off the floor and didn’t see the piece of wire jutting out in front of me, directly in line with my face and eye. Michael saw it though, and moved me out of danger. I felt his energy strongly around me, prickling my skin. I heard him say something under his breath, and I felt his shock. And then I realized how badly I could have been hurt.

He has told me many times that no harm will come to me ever. I believe him and I trust him implicitly to protect me and keep me safe.

Another time he saved me from bodily harm was when I turned on the heat under a copper tortilla pan on the stove and forgot about it. A few minutes later I picked up the pan with my bare fingers, but did not get burned. I should have been, but he placed a layer of protection around my hand which prevented me from being badly burned.

His protection is flawless, you can be assured that no harm will come to you when you ask for his protection. It is strange that this has happened today because last night I drew a card for a reading and the card was a message from Archangel Michael “You are safe”. During the night I was thinking that he would stop a bullet for me, I have no doubt about that. Just like Neo does in the movie “The Matrix”, with the only exception, Michael is real, Neo is a movie character.

People often look at me strangely when I speak of Michael as my partner. They find it difficult to accept that I could have a real relationship with someone, a Spirit being, that I cannot see, but if they only knew how real he is to me. They find it even more difficult to accept that I have this relationship with an Archangel. What they do not understand is that the Consciousness that is Michael does not just manifest as an Archangel, but also as a man, in the form of my Twin Spirit.

When we spoke last night before sleeping, he again affirmed with me that this is not only my incarnation, but our incarnation. We have taken turns being in either male or female form through many lifetimes, but always our energy is together. In that sense we have never been separate. There are many still that find it difficult to perceive of themselves as having a perfect male or female counterpart. Some even believe they have more than one Twin. Some believe they do not have a Twin at all. The truth you will only find within you.

Wishing you a blessed Sunday!


Note ~ With this upcoming Solstice on the 21st June, we will again activate and anchor the Goddess energy that we once anchored in Lemuria all those years ago as the “Sisterhood of the Rose”. This energy belongs to all women and the re-anchoring of this energy will help us to claim our God given power. This activation is offered by Anrita Melchizedek on YouTube.

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