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Image ~ Unconditional Love by neitin.deviantart.com

It all starts with you unconditionally loving yourself, because unless you completely – and I say completely, because some people think they do, but they do not – completely, absolutely, irrevocably and without a doubt – love yourself without judgment, and with absolutely NO requirement and NO expectation, you cannot even begin to love others in the same way.

I have said before that some people are in your life to act as a mirror for you. Those are usually the ones we term as the “Thorn in our flesh”. Their behavior will continually reflect back at you that which you need to change within yourself. For example if you have someone in your life that continually disappoints you, it is a reflection of you needing to let go of all expectation of yourself, first of all, and then any expectation you have of this person. These people are truly a blessing!

Unconditional love is perhaps the final frontier –the final hurdle – in your transition process. And it is virtually impossible to love others this way if you are having a difficult time loving yourself unconditionally. You may not even realize you have expectations of yourself, but they are there. They are subtle, very subtle, and when they emerge, the end result is usually self-judgment.

Almost always if you are reacting to someone it is usually because you are disappointed in their behavior. And you can only be disappointed if you have expectations. It is human nature to have expectations of self and others. It is normal, or is it? Perpaps, in the old way of Be-ing. In this new age, there is no such thing as normal because defining something as normal is confining it, and we cannot BE confined or defined. If you still believe you can be defined, then perhaps ask yourself “Who Am I?” If you go within your heart to find the answer to that question you will find that you are none of what you thought yourself to be.

You are in the process of becoming that which is your True Self, and that which you are is unconditional love. So you must let go of all that which is not love. You are being asked now to stand naked, transparent, before your Self, your True Self, your Creator – without self-judgment, without condition – if you are to know yourself fully and completely. Unconditionally loving yourself is just the beginning.

Keep an open mind and be willing to surrender all you thought you were because right now you cannot even begin to comprehend the full extent of who you are becoming.

BE in Love!


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