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Nature beautiful sky and water fall with Flowers - http://www.flixya.com

Photo credit “Nature beautiful sky and water fall with Flowers” – http://www.flixya.com

My life has changed so much lately that it has become a new reality, a new timeline. My past life is the life I knew before my new timeline was created. I barely recognize the person in my past life. Was that me? I did those things? I think we are all reflecting now upon our past life and bringing up certain aspects of it that perhaps we are not too proud of. I know I am… It is not punishment, it’s more of a ‘can’t believe I did that…what was I thinking’ kind of thing. This morning as I awoke I was reflecting on such things. I call out to my Twin. Usually he answers with an “I am here”, but this time he says with a huge smile “he’s not here, he’s hopped on a UFO and gone home….”. I smile back at him. Such humor he has….and on top of that incredible character of his.. I am constantly amazed by him! Last night we were reflecting on UFO’s and disclosure and some of the things people are discussing on Facebook. I return the banter, “Can’t imagine why he’d take a UFO when he could simply transport himself there in less time it takes me to blink an eye…” He grins back at me. Oh such bliss…. how could I have ever forgotten the bliss of his smile and the bliss of seeing humor sparkling in his eyes? The bliss of being in balance and harmony with the other half of yourself is indescribable in human language. It is something that can only be felt.

I used to ask him “What IS?”, and he’d answer me with something like “What is what?”. He loves these conversations, enjoying my inquisitive mind. He would often tell me I’m as curious as a cat..  “What IS real? I mean some things must just BE a certain way. That is the IS-ness, is it not?”, and he would reply “My love… what IS, is whatever you desire it to BE! We are constantly creating what we wish to experience. It is no different for you except that for a Celestial Being, we create using our consciousness. We are conscious creators!” It boggles the mind… the human mind, that is. What ARE we becoming? We are becoming Alchemists of the highest order, Magicians, Space Travellers, Star Walkers, you name it. There is no limit to what we are becoming, because WE ARE LIMITLESS BEINGS!

The latest crop circle found at Badbury in the UK for me signifies “Being in Balance”. The balance, or scale, suspended from a giant ring, sways from left to right signifying our need to gain balance between our Divine Masculine and Feminine energy. The labyrinth¹ portrayed on either side signifies our pathway as we return to Oneness within and our journey back to the Center of our Be-ing.  When at last we achieve this state of Be-ing, we will have found Perfect Balance and Oneness within. And as it is within, so shall it be without, meaning we reflect outside of ourselves that which is within. Balance first has to be found within ourselves before it will reflect in the world around us.

This Solstice we celebrate the reactivation of the Planetary Goddess Archetype of Light. This energy belongs to women, it is a part of our feminine consciousness, and it is being re-established (re-anchored) here on Earth at this time. This incoming energy will help to restore balance upon the Earth as it integrates into the consciousness of every man, woman and child. It is this Divine Feminine energy that reflects the love and compassion and nurturing spirit that will help us bring about the changes that we have so long waited for.

Have a beautiful Sunday precious Souls!


¹The labyrinth is often described as a three-fold path.  Upon entering one begins the symbolic path of purgation, or releasing and letting go.  The center represents illumination and opening to the Divine.


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