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temple of lightThe energy of the Solstice is still being integrated into your energy body, and what incredible powerful energy it is! Everything that is not love is surfacing now for release. Don’t hang onto it! If you are in any way feeling anything other than pure love, then do the following exercise:

Sit or lie down and go into your Temple of Light. Lay yourself down upon your crystal healing bed/table and call upon the Beings of Light, Ascended Masters and Archangels, you feel most comfortable with. Ask them to surround you in their love and healing Light. Then ask them to help you overcome any challenges you are having right now. Ask them to help you release all the blocks, and to help you move through these challenges with grace and ease.

Your Temple of Light is your sacred space and it can be where ever you choose – visualize this space in a place where you feel most at ease. Use your imagination – let it run wild! It doesn’t matter who you ask to be with you in your Temple of Light. All Light Beings are connected through One Unity Consciousness. If no names come to mind then just ask to be surrounded by the Beings of Light that are your Soul family and closest to you. If, during this exercise you are experiencing any difficulties visualizing or if you are having any negative thoughts, then simply surround yourself in the Diamond Light and say silently “I AM DIVINE LOVE, I AM THAT I AM” over and over again. This will help to raise your vibration and take you into your Heart space.

All negative energy has its origin in fear. It may not be obvious to you now, but in time you will see that this is true. The antidote or cure for all negative energy is Love – Divine love. There is so much love around you now. All you have to do to feel it is BE in your Heart. Get out of your mind/ego and into your heart. This is where your salvation and the pathway to freedom lies. When you are in your Heart, allow yourself to sink into the Love that is there waiting for you. If you cannot feel this love, then you are in your mind/ego. If you need help with this, then ask. There is nothing – NO THING – that you cannot ask for. Everything and anything is possible. Always believe that!


Un-copywrited. If you happen to like this message, and you would like to share it, you do so with my blessing. I ask only that you include a link back to my blog: http://archangelanddevas.wordpress.com