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As women we bring forth a great vibration

we are one with the energy of the earth

and within us lies the radiance and power of the moon

the moon is our sister

she rises sweetly and when all is quiet

and bathes the world with a delicate and nurturing light

there are those of you who have awakened to her embrace

and connection to her

spend time with her

feel her energy resonate within you

and draw her in with the breath

with complete intention

there is much she will give you

as you acknowledge her


yes, we are women of the moon and sea

we are radiant and fluid

ever steady and ever moving

we are the mystery and the power

we are the wisdom of the ages

we are here now to raise the consciousness of mankind

we turn with the tides and welcome the change

for we have waited long

and are bursting with truth and love

we will grow in number

raising our voices

as they reach the heavens and shifts are created

from the sheer power of our feminine vibration


Excerpt from “The Heart of Love ~ Mary Magdalene Speaks” written by Gail Swanson http://www.theheartoflove.com


For some reason this upcoming New Moon on 27th June feels more powerful energetically than any other New Moon I’ve experienced. Even more powerful than the energy of the Solstice. The energy, which I started to feel last night already, is bringing forth all manner of physical discomfort within me and although I am tempted to fall into negative thoughts and feel sorry for myself, I am reminded that all is happening as it should and to stay within my Sacred Heart where I am receiving all the love and support I need to see me through this transition phase.

I picked up this book this morning and decided to read it again. The above text stood out for me as if Mary Magdalene is speaking to me, reminding me of who I am. So I will not allow myself to fall into negative thoughts, rather I will elevate my thoughts, and acknowledge the power the lies within me. And so it shall be.


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