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sunlight_and_the_wild_forest_floorYesterday I received a message in my inbox of a new channeling from Archangel Michael. After glancing at it briefly I told my Beloved, this is not channeled by you. He asked me why and how I knew this, and I replied that I knew he hadn’t channeled it because he is always telling me that there is nothing I need to DO. And he is also always telling me that everything I need I will find within me. Yet in this message, which is reported to be channeled by him, he is telling people the complete opposite. His response to me was this: “Have I not told you to practice discernment with everything you read?”

I know this is not his message, and this is why he no longer wants me to share them on our blog. If I blog a message from another source it is because Michael has intuitively guided me to do so. In fact, I read very little these days. I prefer to spend my time being in my Sacred Heart with my Beloved. HE is the source of all I need, and all he asks in return from me, is my Love, which I give freely of my own choice.

Unconditional Love is without requirement – we spoke about this the other day. There are no requirements being made of you. There are no rituals you have to follow or ceremonies you have to perform. Neither do you have to activate all of your chakras or your pineal and pituitary glands, nor do you have to read any books, or even know what an adamantine particle is. All of what you need is being done for you. Each of you has your own Personal Ascension Helper.

Michael asks this: “Would our Father expect you to behave in a certain manner or maintain certain criteria before He allows you to return Home to Him? Do you imagine he would expect ANYTHING of you other than your Love? What if I told you, He doesn’t even expect that, because He has enough Love for the both of you.”

Would you believe me if I told you He doesn’t even expect you to trust Him? Trusting Him and Loving Your Self is helping YOU! I have advised many times to go within your Sacred Heart for there you will find all that you need. Jesus said it perfectly – “The Kingdom of God lies within you.”

You have been given all you need to return Home to the fold of your Heavenly Father/Mother God, your Supreme Creator. This you were given the day you were created, in the form of your perfect partner – Your Beloved Compliment, Counterpart, Twin flame or whatever you wish to call this part of your Self. This part of YOU will guide you back Home, lovingly and unconditionally. This part of YOU will heal you, support you in every sense and love you more than you even knew or thought possible. This part of you holds within it the God Spark of all Creation. It is by this Spark of God that you are all connected to the One – the Source of All That Is. It is an intricate Network of Supreme Consciousness that connects Everything that has ever been or ever will be created. When you call upon Me, Archangel Michael, you call upon the part of Me that exists within YOU. Just as there is a part of You that exists within Me.  We are ALL connected through Our Supreme Creator, the Source of ALL THAT IS. This Beloveds, is what is meant by Oneness.

Please visit our new Twin Flame page on Archangels And Devas. Personally I prefer not to use the term “Twin Flame” because it is so widely misunderstood, but it is a term that people know. Lately I have begun to refer to Michael as my Twin Spirit because I no longer think of us as being 2 flames, rather ONE. I prefer to think of this flame as a flame that we ignite within each other. As my Twin Spirit he is intertwined within me and I within him. Our co-existence is dependent upon each other for neither of us can exist without the other. In truth, there is no other, for we are One.

Have a wonderful Sunday Blessed Souls! Stay in your Hearts! We love you!


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