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cloudWe have been urging people lately to think of themselves as much more than they can see with their physical eyes because it is time to know your True Selves. It is time to BE who you really are. It takes trust and faith to comprehend the enormity of who you truly are. Yesterday I came across this message from Archangel Uriel:

“I am both Earth and Heaven – as indeed are each one of you. When you live in this manner you will see just how vast and wonderful a being you truly are! And when you realise the enormity of your true Selves, then all the concerns of life and everyday existence become small and petty. I am here, encouraging you and cheering you on, so reach for the sky, for the Heavens are truly yours!

Imagine yourself as having your head in the clouds with your feet planted firmly on the ground. That is the enormity of who you are. Just a couple days ago I was lying on my yoga mat looking up at the sky and I asked Michael if he could see above the clouds and he said “Yes, of course!” I thought to myself, I wonder what that must be like. It must be amazing. He told me, “You will see that for yourself pretty soon!”

And that is exactly what we are doing here. We are transitioning in our bodies so that we can become a grounded higher dimensional Being of Light in FULL CONSCIOUSNESS AND AWARENESS with our FULL POTENTIAL, WISDOM and CAPABILITY. Do you have any idea what this means? Think about it. Ponder it. Go within your Sacred Heart and talk about it with your Beloved One.

Life’s little everyday hurdles that before loomed like mountains will now seem like molehills in comparison. The 3D world will still be there, with all of its petty rules and regulations, its ridiculous laws that try to control you, but they will no longer affect you as they once did because you will know how to reach the best outcome with the least amount of effort on your part. This is what it is like when you begin to live your life from a higher perspective.

True freedom is yours. It may take a while before you are comfortable accepting this fact because we’re so used to living in a world that tries to control us, and our every move. Whether we live in a 3rd world country or the ‘land of the free’, we’ve been victims in one way or another.

So whatever challenge you’re facing right now, choose to face it and solve it as One. Rise up and embrace the WHOLE of WHO YOU ARE and know that true freedom is yours. You no longer have to face these challenges alone as a small human being. You now have the choice to go within your Sacred Heart and reach up to the Heavens and embrace the Divine within you. When you open yourself to Divine Love, you begin to live in Peace and Gratitude, and life flows with ease and grace. You will no longer have cares and concerns because they will seem petty by comparison. When you live your life within the vibration of Peace, you are offering no resistance, and therefore everything good flows towards you for your best and highest intention. You will begin to express Gratitude naturally as it wells up within you. This is what it feels like to live in Divine Grace.

Mantra for Today:

I offer no resistance as I surrender all of who I AM to my True Self and the Divine within me.


Un-copywrited. If you happen to like this message, and you would like to share it, you do so with my blessing. I ask only that you include a link back to my blog: http://archangelanddevas.wordpress.com