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love yourself freeOnce again it appears I am in contravention of Paypal’s laws so my account with them has been suspended until further notice. Even though I removed the Donations button, it appears that giving people the choice to make a free-will payment for a service such as the Trinity of Blessings, can be construed as a donation. As such I will need to comply with their laws and register a non-profit organization, which I am not happy doing either because that means I will have to register a company which involves having legal documents drawn up as well as the need for audited financial statements annually.

It is strange (or is it?) that this has happened now when we have been focusing on the meaning of true freedom. Freedom is our Birthright, but we are living in a world where freedom doesn’t exist. This was a point made in my last blog post on Saturday and also again by the Arcturians yesterday:

Freedom is already embodied within you and the belief that you must attain it regardless of the consequences to others (who are actually yourselves in different form–all are made of the same “stuff”) is the height of the duality and separation belief system and is being kept alive by those who stand to profit from it. It is only the ignorance of an un-evolved state of consciousness that has for eons led mankind to seek outside of themselves for that which is already within. You are evolved enough to move into new and higher ways of understanding and experiencing freedom.

The Source of True Freedom lies within your higher mind and consciousness. When you begin living from your higher mind and consciousness, you will always find what you need within you. There exists no freedom outside of you because you may believe yourself to be free within your lower consciousness and ego mind, but you are not.

When you are able to rise above the expectations of an un-evolved state of consciousness, you will begin to experience true freedom. You will begin to realize that nothing is impossible. All the trivia becomes meaning-less. You will have no more fear because fear cannot exist within the vibration of peace. Peace comes from living within your higher consciousness, and you can only live in this state of consciousness if you well and truly love yourself free. That means letting go of who you thought you were and embracing wholeheartedly who you truly are.

We will continue to give free counseling, support and healing to those who are in need. Please visit the menu links above. I have a dear friend who will receive payments of my behalf through her bank account in the USA. If you would like to make a financial contribution to our work or receive the Trinity of Blessings attunement, please contact me for details. Many Blessings!

Thank you and Namasté!

Un-copywrited. If you happen to like this message, and you would like to share it, you do so with my blessing. I ask only that you include a link back to my blog: http://archangelanddevas.wordpress.com