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Full_moon_tonight_by_The_Dark_SilhoThe past 2 full moons, and now this weeks Supermoon, has manifested pain within my physical body. At first I didn’t understand what was happening, but this past week I have learned that pain is not your enemy, its your friend. It is your body’s way of letting you know that there is a blockage that needs to be cleared. In my case the blockage was caused by negative energy due to emotional trauma / shock experienced many years ago. I do not remember all the details, and I do not need to. It is enough that I am willing to release it and let it go. The Full Moon will always bring up anything that is not love within you, and it will be brought up slowly so as not to overwhelm you. Your Twin, or Higher Self/I AM Presence, will help you release this and clear the pain you’re experiencing. There is nothing to fear.

On Tuesday afternoon, as I sat with my Twin during the healing, I felt this low vibrational (negative) energy as though it were thick black-like treacle. It moved slowly at first, but then picked up pace as he integrated it within his own high frequency energy back into the light and love of All That Is. This he did a few times until I felt the pain subside. I asked him why it appeared so treacle-like, and he said the energy was old and stagnant energy that had been there a long time. I felt Raphael’s emerald light during the healing also. Afterwards I felt them fill the ‘holes’ or gaps with their loving energy. It seems that my brother wanted to help with my healing. Isn’t it a wonderful thing that we are so completely and absolutely loved?

I am now pain free and I believe that this emotional trauma is now completely healed.

In this instance the pain had been from an emotional experience from long ago, but pain and/or disease will also manifest within the physical body from negative thoughts, beliefs and actions / deeds, whether they are directed at yourself or someone else. It doesn’t matter, because we are all One. Whatever you say to another, you say to yourself. If you can grasp this within your consciousness, you will gain a better understanding of how and why there is so much pain and suffering in the world.

So far this week has been a difficult one for me with the pain and other issues being brought to the surface. Yesterday we watched the movie “Instinct” with Anthony Hopkins. The movie moved me deeply as once again the issue of true freedom and the injustices of society was brought up. A powerful animal like the mighty gorilla is not violent, but a gentle creature. It has no need to kill or hurt anything in order to know it’s strength. A message mankind could use, if only they would listen.


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