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sunrise_on_gunsight_butte__padre_bay__arizonaWhat if we are the only ones that see our imperfections? What if we created our imperfections in order to play our roles here? What if we are all stars in our own movie production, and what if we chose our co-stars to help us fulfill the character we chose to play? What if the imperfections is stage make-up and not real at all? What if the imperfections are all an illusion?

This is what I got to ask myself the other day as Michael told me that he sees me in all my glory, all my perfection, and then he showed me! My nose was perfect, my teeth straight and my hair like silk, and my body perfect in every way. I said to him, “You’ve got to be kidding me!”, and he replied “No, I am not. You are the only one who sees your imperfections!” Then he said that my so-called imperfections are not imperfections at all, they are an illusion I created as a challenge to see myself as perfect! But how many of us can do that? Can we look past what we see in the mirror and see only our perfection?

We know, because we have been told many times, that we are perfectly created in every way. Certainly Michael is always telling me this. Yet we continue to hang on to the illusion because it feels and looks so real!

What if all of what we are here is an illusion and all we had to do to experience our True Selves once again is to let go of it all? What if we could hand all of it over to God and just walk away free? I am busy reading Lorraine Recchia’s book “My Wingmen: Close Encounters with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael” and there is man she is asked to help who is considering suicide because he believes his life to be a complete mess. After listening to him for an hour she asks him if he has faith and he says, yes he believes in God. This is the excerpt:

“I asked if tomorrow morning he could get up early and before work, go to his church or temple or park of whatever house of worship he felt comfortable with, walk up to the altar alone and offer to God this whole mess. Offer to God the divorce, the accident, the pain, the confusion…all of it.  Could he put this whole issue down, as if putting down a heavy suitcase, and then just leave the church? Again I looked intently at him and said firmly, “Just walk out of the church, and don’t take your problems back with you….you must leave them there, you must let them go.” He looked very simply at me and said “Yes, I can do that.”

She said that after a while she’d heard that the man had got his joy back.

The truth of the matter is that regardless of how real your life drama may seem, there is something larger at play here. There’s a bigger picture we cannot see. We are on a temporary journey here. We came here with a specific agenda and we brought the characters of our play/movie with us to help us play out our role. So whatever it is you are going through is teaching you something you wanted to learn. Nothing is serendipity. You even chose your wingmen! Yes, you have wingmen too! These are the guys you chose to walk with you on this journey. They are your protectors and your guardians. They have your back!

So if your movie has gotten a little out of hand and if you want to change the script, then do it! It is simple. Don’t complicate it. If there is one thing I have learned being with Michael is that Earth humans worry too much and we over complicate our lives. So let go whatever it is that is burdening you today. You owe it to your Self to BE happy and free!

Have a wonderful Sunday! We love you!


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