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I wrote this post almost a year ago….time for another update 🙂 ❤

Twin Flame Love Diary

It was my intention to post more on what was happening in my life with my Twin Flame, but its such a deeply personal experience that I have been hesitating to share it with anyone.  But I want to share that as time goes on we have never been more in union. Falling more and more in [the vibration of Divine and Sacred] Love has been the most amazing experience ever. It is deeply personal and intimate and just cannot be explained or shared for that matter. Which is why I think there remains still so much confusion around  the subject of Twin Flames.

This I know for sure: Your Twin Flame is your Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine energy or essence. Everyone has this Yin/Yang essence which completes them, makes them whole. These two essences or parts of you do not exist outside of yourself or more accurately your…

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