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The long awaited update 🙂 ♥

Twin Flame Love Diary


It’s been almost a year since I posted an update on this blog…. I am always reluctant to share my experience because it is so intensely personal, but….there are many out there who are confused about the subject of Twin Flame Love, and maybe they will receive some enlightenment from my posts.

What I have learned is that we both exist on the Earth plane at this time, but in different frequencies of energy. And this is the difficult part…..The reunification of our energy has been somewhat challenging to say the least.  I do not view this reunification as my ‘ascension’, but rather a transition from a lower dimension to reunite with my higher consciousness. I am an ascended being, and master, as are many Starseeds who came here to help lift the planet into the Age of Light. But as a highly evolved being, my energy body is vast…

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