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torres_del_paine__serrano_river__chileThere are many people who have a problem when it comes to manifesting money. I have said before that money does not exist in the 5th Dimension. In the 5th Dimension you CREATE what it is you need. If you’re waiting for the pot of gold to appear magically at the end of a rainbow, then you have a long wait ahead of you.

Some of you are realizing this and moving forward with plans for your future. Some time ago I was telling Michael about my dream to build an eco-ranch for street kids. A place where they will find sanctuary, peace and love, and a place where they can learn about the Earth and interact with animals, help to grow their own food and explore their creativity. Michael listened intently as I spoke and he asked me to describe it to him in detail, so I did. The whole time I was talking, he had this huge grin on his face. I asked him, “What are you grinning about?” and he replied, “You have no idea how happy you have made me!” I said “Why?” and he said “Because at last I can do something for you that will bring you immense joy!” He said he can tell how passionate I am about my project and then he told me he would help me manifest it. This dream is one that I’ve had for some time, but since we spoke about it, I have realized how he has placed people in my life that are going to help me bring my dream into manifestation. It is time now for me to move ahead and create that non-profit organization, because it means I am taking a positive step in the right direction. I am leaving the details to Michael. It is my job to dream it into fruition! Dreams are the basis of manifestation. Dream big, not small, because you are an immense being of infinite potential. Don’t forget that. It is my job also to stay close to him and to follow up and take action on his guidance.

Michael spoke about harnessing your “Core Power” through a recent channel with Celia Fenn. It is important now that you see yourself as more than just a physical being, but also as a spiritual being with infinite potential, creativity and wisdom. It is by being in your Heart center and connecting with your Core Power and the True Essence of Self that you allow Spirit to help you create what you need. It is in this space that you will be shown possibilities and given new ways and opportunities for you to create abundance for yourself and others.

If you have difficulty with manifesting money, try focusing on what money can buy eg. Rent, Electricity, Dog Food etc.. Use gratitude to draw these things to yourself. For example the affirmation “I am grateful I have all that I need” or “I am grateful my needs are taken care of”, or “Thank you for all that I am receiving”, and of course “I AM Free!” Do not concern yourself with the trivialities of your 3D life. Handing over the responsibility of manifesting money and all your needs to your Higher Power takes a lot of courage and trust and it is a true test of Faith. Always ask that Spirit help you release any fear and doubts and ask also that your Faith be strengthened.

It is not the time now to be small. It is time now for you to step into your Higher Power and to start harnessing that power. As a Light worker and Star seed you have come here to spread your light and effect great change. Use your God given power to do this. Use the Diamond light and visualize it all around you as a pillar of pure God empowered potential and imagine it being refracted off you and sending shards of rainbow light to every sentient being on Earth. Ask that this light bring love, peace and comfort to the hearts of all those it touches. Do this daily. Make it your daily ritual.


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