Special Message from Archangel Michael:

Beloved, detach from the drama. Recognize that drama is a way of life for those who are living in a much lower level of consciousness than you are presently. Do not allow the drama to steal your joy and do not allow it to lower your frequency. Decide to be happy now and let God’s love keep you buoyed up and smiling, knowing all the while that everything is unfolding as and when it should. It matters not what others say, think or do. It matters only what you say, think or do. Therefore take care of yourself first and foremost, paying attention and staying present within your own truth and in constant contact with your I AM Presence, who is taking care of everything for you behind the scenes. Trust that this is so Beloved. Know that everything that is happening is happening for a reason and there is purpose to what is presently occurring. Your joy and happiness will attract a positive outcome, always and in all ways. Seen and unseen. Therefore, please decide to be happy now!

Thank you Michael!

From our ONE heart to Yours!

Archangels and Devas