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Special Message from Archangel Michael:

Dear One, it doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, how crazy it gets, or how difficult things feel right now. What matters is how you’re treating yourself, how you’re feeling, thinking, and speaking about yourself. Negative emotions are surfacing with the express purpose of needing to be released, in order to make way for the new energies you’re integrating into your being. Remember this. So be gentle with yourself by sending yourself waves and waves of unconditional love. Love heals, nurtures, and comforts you in every way. Allow yourself to soak in the ray energies of the Rose Pink Flame of Divine Love. You are so loved, so treasured Dear One. Beyond your wildest dreams!

~ I AM Archangel Michael

Thank you Michael!

From Our ONE Heart to Yours!


~ Deborah Faith

Archangels and Devas

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