A Message from Archangel Michael:

Children of the Earth, you are watched over by Angels! There are billions of Angels watching over all of you here on Earth. You have only to ask them for their assistance and they will spring into action to be of service to you, and to your children. Your Godly Parents want the very best for you and will stop at nothing to assist you in every way in your Spiritual evolution.

Just as each of you are very special gifts to your Godly Parents, so are your Earth Children special gifts from God to you. Love them and nurture them in every possible way. Allow them to have freedom of expression so that they may feel free to express their inner divinity. Remember your children are Light Beings, just as you yourself are, therefore do not be fooled by their small physical bodies. Guide them as best you can and encourage them to find their own answers within their Heart. Teach them about Nature and the wonders of the Earth. Help them to understand their inter-connectedness with all of life. Remember, they chose you as a parent, not the other way round. Bless them and nurture them all the days of your life.

And, as a child, realize that your Earth parent/s do the best they can and sometimes this may not be good enough, but know that they love you nonetheless. Strive to see through the outer shell of their human form, and peer into their divinity. Learn also to communicate with their divinity to reach a greater understanding of your Earthly parents, and you shall be amazed and what insights you will gain from this.

We encourage you, Children of the Earth, to begin to use your imagination, and perhaps look to your children as guides, for it is a young child who can teach you the purity of Heart, complete and total Trust, and unconditional Self-love.

~ I AM Archangel Michael

Thank you Michael!

From Our ONE Heart to Yours,


~ Deborah Faith