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Archangel Michael channeled readings

Beloved, this message comes forth for you today as guidance for you to share your inner wisdom with others as they will benefit from what you have learned from the experiences you have been through, and the wisdom you have gleaned from your Spiritual Teachers and Master Guides on the other side of the Veil.
Sharing your wisdom is sharing your love Dear One and this creates a healing effect in all who are touched by your words. The outpouring of your love also creates a healing effect within yourself.
Write with love, from deep within the deep fountain of love within your Heart. Sharing of your wisdom in this way removes barriers and allows the positive flow of love back into your Heart space and lifestream.
This positive energy has a reverberating effect in every part of your life. Where love goes, blessings flow!
Let the love flow Beloved!

Thank you Michael!

From our ONE Heart to Yours!
~ Deborah Faith

Archangels and Devas

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