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Archangel Michael readings

Focus Upon Divine And Perfect Health

Archangel Michael says that the key to good health is to focus upon your well­being instead of on sickness or injury. You drew this card as a reminder to stay centered on your desires—not your fears. Bodies react instantly to love and fear, so choose the former in this situation. Pour genuine affection and blessings into every cell. Visualize and expect perfect health for yourself and others. Speak of yourself and loved ones in terms of perfect health, affirming that all is well.

Possible specific meanings:

  • You’ll notice an improvement in your health
  • Follow your intuition regarding health and healing
  • Your life purpose involves healing
  • Make positive changes to your lifestyle
  • Use uplifting affirmations, especially about health
  • Seek a second medical opinion


Dear God and Archangel Michael, thank you for continuously reminding me to focus upon perfect health, and for guiding my actions so that they support my well-being.

Special Message From Archangel Michael:

My message today serves as a reminder that your physical vessel is a sacred vessel holding within the very Essence of your Being.  Treat your body with the utmost care and respect, being mindful of the foods you eat, and of your thoughts and beliefs. Your well-being depends on what thoughts you direct towards yourself and into the environment around you. Everything you think, say and do affects all aspects of your Being, and as such, all your body systems – physical, emotional, mental and etheric. Focus on using your energy in a more conscious and meaningful way, directing the highest possible frequencies of Light into your body and into your cells, electrons, sub-atomic particles, and into all aspects of your Body. Seek to amplify this energy by asking your I AM Presence to assist you in your energy work and to magnify your efforts. You have within you a storehouse of power just waiting to be utilized. What you do with it is your choice Dear One’s. You can, with a little more effort and diligence on your part, effect great change upon your Earth body, and also within your World.

~  I AM Archangel Michael

Thank you Michael!

From our ONE Heart to yours!


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