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Your Personal Message from Archangel Michael:

A favorable outcome is at hand. Remember you are the Master of your own Energy Matrix and no one can cause you to feel anything other than what you are holding within. Therefore if you’re feeling sad or unhappy about someone or something it’s because that energy is lodged within your own energy [self]. The situation and/or person is merely a trigger [spark] which causes the emotion to rise up to the surface – to spark into flame – and thereby causes dis-comfort and dis-ease to be felt.

Please get clear of these negative or discordant sparks as soon as they arise Dear One. We wish for you to BE LightHouses of Joy, Love, Peace and Harmony so that you can beam out God’s Perfect Unconditional Love whereever you go and to whomever you speak. Think thoughts of the Purest Love, speak words of the Purest Love and may your deeds be of the Purest Intent, for then you shall embody the Way of the Christ within, and you shall be the Divine Spark of Love which lives and reigns within you!

Thank you Michael!

From OUR One Heart to Yours!