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You are never alone, did you know that? There is a Presence that lives within you, that IS you at a deeper level, or rather a level that is incomprehensible to the human mind and brain. If you can learn tap into this energy, this Essence within, then your life will change forever, and miracles and magic will begin to unfold in your life.

Recently on my way home from the park, I saw a large sign written on a white wall, in quite a beautiful script that said, “Surrender Dorothy”. I stared at the sign in amazement and wonderment… am I seeing things? I asked of myself, “No, this is a real sign!”

The sign has since disappeared..

I know what the sign meant though. I was to surrender fully and completely to my inner Presence. Why? Because then I will obtain the keys to unlock the doors to the magic that lay within me. I understood this perfectly. Unlike Dorothy, who didn’t realize her magic shoes could take her home to Kansas, I was oblivious to the magic that lived within me.

How do we access this magic?

We go within, to the magic Stillness. Silence is golden, yes it is. Trust me. You see, when you can still your mind, you allow for the magic to infuse you. You make space for it. The mind blocks it, or diffuses it. When the mind is out of the way, you give it, the Stillness, rite of passage to infuse its magic, or weave its magic into the threads of your life.

It’s the IN-ner train to an IN-lightened state of BEing…

Pure Light and Love

INtrained withIN