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This is the card that fell out of the deck when I was shuffling it. I love the image on this card, the winged warrior riding the powerful and beautiful beast, as white and as pure of heart as only Unicorns can be..

The following short message is the only relevance I can find from the guidebook that comes with this card, because there is more that the mighty Archangel wishes to convey to you this day:

You don’t need to compromise in any way, for Michael assures you that your needs will be met in gentle and loving ways.”

Special Message from Archangel Michael

Beloved, what I have to share with you this day has to do with nourishment – the needs of your physical body in its relationship to foods. As you already are aware, your physical body is needing much less now in the way of solid foods, as it is being nourished at a much higher level, the level of Light and Love. At the same time, the physical body is undergoing many changes within and these changes can take some time for your body to adjust to. In the meantime, explore your options as far as food goes, and choose to eat foods that supply your body with as much life force as possible. In other words foods that resonate to a high vibration like locally grown fresh foods that can be consumed as soon as possible after harvesting. Each season has its bounty, so enjoy that which is bountiful and in season at any particular time. There are also certain power foods, known as super foods, which will supply your body with high valued nutrition. Eating foods that are less bulky, and more nourishing is what will serve you, as well as eating smaller portions, as eating too much will only cause you discomfort and place strain on your digestive system, which is very sensitive now. As always, we are behind you all the way,  ensuring that your physical needs are met. Ask us to help you source the best nutrition and then pay attention to your intuitive guidance as you are shown which options are available for you to include in your diet.

~ I AM Archangel Michael

Thank you Michael!

From our ONE Heart to yours!



PS: You have permission to share this message. We only ask that you include the link back to our main website. Thank you!


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