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Each day God’s richest blessings are pouring over you but you will not realize this, or feel these blessings unless you are living in your Heart.

The Heart is where you will feel God’s Love and where you will hear the still voice of the Divine Presence that lives within you.

It is in the Heart that you will be intuitively led to opportunities that will bring abundance into your life.

When you live in your Heart, God’s spirit moves within you freely, uninhibited by the ego and the limited concepts of the human mind, and it is at this time when God is able to create great change within your life, such as healing your physical body, your relationships, your finances, difficult situations you may be experiencing etc. There is no limit to the Power of God’s Love. Once you have experienced it in action in your life, and felt it move within your heart, you will feel utterly deprived without it.

The Spirit of God’s Love brings peace and harmony within your life which flows out touching the lives of those with whom you come into contact on a daily basis.

The good news is that God’s Love is free! It doesn’t cost anything, and it doesn’t require you to be anyone special before you can receive it. The only action on your part is moving out of your limited human ego, into a heart-based living experience.

Moving out of ego means moving out of the thought stream of useless ideas, and habitual patterns of behavior that produce nothing except further pain and suffering.

The ego knows only conditional love. It is only through God’s impeccable and perfect unconditional love that people will learn to love and accept themselves and others unconditionally.

Other people do not have to be perfect in order for you to love them, and the same can be said of yourself. Love yourself anyway. Accept and love yourself as you are. If God can do it, so can you. In fact, you deserve it!

It is the ego that finds fault. It is the ego that is never satisfied. It is the ego that is always looking for more, and not understanding nor perceiving what it already abundantly has. The ego will provide you with a temporary solution, sometimes bringing you money, but never will it provide you with lasting happiness and fulfilment of purpose. These are the gifts of God that are freely available to those who live within a heart-based reality,

Moving out of the egoic mind and into the Heart-based way of living, is the only way to reaching states of complete fulfilment, lasting love and happiness.

The Heart/Love-based way of life places you in a higher frequency which equates to a field of infinite abundance, infinite opportunity, freedom and love. The more you tap into this field, the more you will enjoy the gifts of God that are just waiting there for you to enjoy.

It is not that God is withholding these gifts from you until you tow-the-line, so to speak. God wants everyone to enjoy a life of prosperity and abundance, but if you’re living in your head all the time, listening to the negative ideas, thought-processes and mind chatter of the human ego, then you miss out on experiencing these gifts.

All thoughts of not being good enough, not worthy enough, not deserving enough, all thoughts of lack and limitation, of self-blame, doubt and guilt, and judgment of any kind etc., all stem from ego. The ego restricts and conflicts, the Heart of Love frees. It is as simple as that.

The only effort on your part is to stay in the higher frequencies of love and gratitude, and allow all of God’s blessings to unfold in your life. You can use affirmations to achieve this, and prayer, also meditation helps to maintain a positive outlook and relieve stress.

It is said that gratitude unlocks the fullness of life, and this is true. Gratitude is a very powerful emotion, and coupled together with the power of Love, are invincible. These two powerful emotions will create changes and miracles within your life that will astound you. Realize that it is unconditional love that I am referring to, not the conditional human kind of love.

Put it to the test and try it today. Move into your Heart and allow the love of your Creator to flow within you. I promise you, life will never be the same for you ever again.

If you need some help changing your life and achieving an abundant way of living, please allow me to introduce you to one of God’s most powerful angels, Archangel Michael, whose name means, “He who is like God”.

Archangel Michael personally works with and guides many people on the Earth. He is well known for his protection, faith and strength and he carries a blue flamed sword which he uses to cut people free from fear.

Archangel Michael has been working with me for the past 6 years and he has very kindly given me his blessing to pass onto others the ‘Trinity of Blessings’ attunement which will bring you into alignment with the powerful energies of Love, Peace and Joy.

The Trinity of Blessings also offers a daily meditation practice and visualization technique that will help you make changes in your life and open your heart to receiving the abundance that God wishes for you to enjoy in your life.

For more information on the Trinity of Blessings and the Blessing of Divine Grace offered by the Seraphim angels, please visit Archangels and Devas.


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