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Make A Commitment

You drew this card because you’re asking about how to improve a situation. Archangel Michael advises you to fully commit to your desired outcome . If you’re tentative, or unsure if you’re deserving or worthy enough, then the final result will be unsatisfactory. However, by making a commitment, you’ll help spark movement in your life.

Possible specific meanings: Commit to your current relationship to create more intimacy and satisfaction • Allow yourself to fully enjoy each moment • Completely immerse yourself in an exciting project • If you’re a musician or an artist, become deeply mindful of every note played or each stroke of your paintbrush • Be confident as you speak and write.

Special Message From Archangel Michael:

Beloved, make a commitment to your Spiritual growth today. Each new day affords you the opportunity to BE the Light, to express that which you are, to fully engage in Who You Truly Are, and with those Beings at a much higher level of existence who are standing by to help you achieve this growth. Why do you tarry Dear Heart?  Why do you let the days slip by without having accomplished that which you had planned? So much is dependent on you, on your conscious participation. It’s your call. Allow me to help you plan your day so that you accomplish and achieve more. Your greatness awaits you Dear One!

~ I AM Archangel Michael

Thank you Michael!


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