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Planet Earth seen from space ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5_GlAOCHyE

Recently one of our Sirian brothers came through with the message that gratitude is the energy most needed on Earth at this time.

Why is that? Why not love?

Both are needed for sure, but it is through the frequencies of Gratitude, which act as the magic pill that opens the heavenly doorways into experiencing the higher vibrations of Love.

Master Paul the Venetian says there is no real dividing barrier between our human love and Christ Love. There only the difference is in its intensity and vibration. Christ Love is human love embodied and amplified a few million times!


Love glorifies all things. And it is through the springboard of gratitude that we can begin to have some notion of how powerful Love is. The POWER of LOVE must be pondered and meditated upon in order to grasp its fullness in the miniscule way our human mind and brain will allow us to comprehend.

In the image above you will notice that Earth is surrounded by Blue Light. It is as if she is being held in the arms of Love. And so she is! It is this Perfect Love that empowers her to keep going, to endure and forgive the suffering humans cause her. It is the Blue Flame that gives her the strength to continue her evolutionary journey knowing that the Will of God shall prevail. It always does. It cannot fail.

In celebration of the upcoming Solstice and the opportunity and alignment it holds for all souls embodied on this precious Earth, we are offering to take you with us on a journey of discovery whereby you will learn more about the Magic of Gratitude and also the magical POWER and attributes of the First Ray, which embodies the Blue Flame of the Will of God. It is the Blue Ray that gives power to the Love Ray.

The Blue Flame is under the guardianship of Master El Morya, Archangel Michael and Faith, and the Elohim Hercules and Amazonia.

We will also be taking you on a healing meditation journey to the Sacred Blue Flame Temple where you will have the opportunity to receive a powerful healing gift from the Master El Morya.  This magnificent gift is one you will treasure along your ascension journey as it will amplify and bless your life the more you use it to release your fears. For more info please visit the link below.

We wish you all our love and gratitude at this time of the Solstice.

We are as always in divine service.


21.12 Journey to the Blue Flame Diamond Temple in Honor of the Will of God