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full moon lunar eclipse ascension workshop serapis beyWHAT YOU CAN EXPECT…

The upcoming Full Moon on Friday the 27th – is being called a Red Moon – and will also be the 2nd of the Eclipses; the longest lunar eclipse we have had in the past 100 years. This eclipse last for about four hours, while the total phase is lasting 1hour and 43 minutes. What a magical red moon – the Earths atmosphere is filtering the sunlight onto the moons surface, therefor the moon receive a red hue. And we invite you to connect with us for a very special healing session with the Ascension Flame. Master Saint Germain  will come forth granting us the favour of his portable Atomic Accelerator, which he will be placing beneath our chairs. The Atomic Accelerator contains the frequency of the pure white light of the Ascension Flame and is used to gently raise one’s vibration gradually. It is not to be taken lightly though, because it does have the power, when turned on full power, to completely and irrevocably boost an individual into an ascended state!

The energy of the Atomic Accelerator under the vigil and guidance of Saint Germain, will be encoded into the transmission Mp3 recording we will be providing, those who listen to the recording can use it whenever they wish and as many times as they wish. Each time it is used, the transmission will boost your vibration to the highest possible frequency available to the individual at that time. Bear in mind that the energy is always received in accordance with your own I AM Presence and 5th dimensional counterpart energy.

This gift is imparted to those Souls who are willing to state their intention to make their ascension in this current lifetime. Remember if you state your intention to receive the energy, then it can only build momentum for you and give you support needed in the upliftment of your Light Body. We encourage you to take part in this event because there are many Souls who would benefit from the upliftment, and also because it would benefit the entire planet as a whole.

The Crystal Dragons will assist you in the purifying of your mental and emotional body in preparation for the receiving of the upliftment energy of the Ascension Flame during the guided meditation..

Channeled Message from the Ascension Brotherhood ~

“Those who are not able to attend the live event and opt instead to listen to the recording will still receive all the benefits the ascension chair has to hold for them. They will need to state their intent and say a prayer each time they listen to the recording which serves to opens the gateway for the energies to flow.
Those who attend the live event will also need to state their personal intention as far as their ascension goes and this creates momentum for the entire group.
When you do this also make it your intention to connect yourself energetically into the 5d ascension grid for Earth. This grid is being supported (fueled) by ascended beings all over the cosmos and can greatly assist you in sustaining and maintaining focus and frequency in the higher octaves, saving you from being energetically drawn into the 3D drama’s being played out around you.
There is much support available to you now, as you gather momentum towards the finishing line.
We are proud of you and love you for your steadfastness and never ending courage to assist your Earth mother and family.”