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Last Wednesday’s workshop clearing & healing the Altantean and Lemurian trauma was incredibly powerful.  We were joined by so many Light Beings who wished to assist us in creating our portal of Light to clear these old records. We were guided into a beautiful healing meditation which led us to the Temple of Truth in the etheric realm over the Isle of Crete, where we were assisted by the powerful healing and uplifting Emerald Green Flame. Here Master Hilarion and the Brotherhood of that Temple, Archangel Raphael and other Light Healers were eager to assist in our healing & clearing. They also helped us to re-establish the Diamond codes of Prosperity and Abundance within our DNA, personally and collectively for humanity.

We were then guided over the oceans where the great continent of Lemuria once stood, and to the Atlantic where once stood Atlantis, and we established a great portal of Light through the waters and into the earth below. The dolphins, dragons and unicorns and many, many, Light Beings attended this event. What happened was nothing short of incredible. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of Souls and Soul fragments ascended through the portal of light into the awaiting arms of thousands of angels who were present. It was as if the angels already knew they were ready to be taken into the Light.

What we realized is that during that cataclysmic period which lasted 2000 years, the inhabitants on Earth suffered indescribably. For hundreds of years following the cataclysm the Earth was plunged into near darkness. There was so much debris thrown up into the air that the sun was barely visible. Plant life and animals perished, resulting in poverty and starvation. For two thousand years the earth suffered aftershocks which caused tsunamis which destroyed entire cities as they moved up to 1000 miles inland.

The suffering affected not only those who managed to survive the sinking of those two great continents but inhabitants in the remaining 5 continents around the globe. So there is not one of us here on earth today who is not affected in some way.  You only have to look around you to see the evidence of that. Countries are still at war with each other, people still hold poverty and lack consciousness in their energy and many still live in separation and fear of loosing their lives and/or possessions.

Those painful records need to be fully cleared, and we will continue to do our utmost with the help of our Light friends and family, and as Archangel Michael says, we shall prevail!

The more we listen to the recordings the more of an impact these new Diamond codes are established and integrated within our being.

The recordings of the workshop are available HERE for 17 €uros.


This Full Moon we’re hosting the workshop ahead of the actual full moon which takes place on Sunday, to allow for the full integration of the lunar energies over the 72 hour period (day before and day after) when her energy is felt the strongest.

We’re guided to ‘sit back and enjoy’ in this full moon workshop! And so we are going to be utilizing the glorious buoyancy and uplifting qualities of Friday’s pure white Ascension Flame and the Pearlescent Lunar energies of the Full Moon to raise us up into the realms of Light where we will be travelling up through the nodes of Light to visit our Higher Self, and members of our Oversoul in the 9th dimension. This visitation promises us an ‘energetic overhaul’ as Archangel Michael says! In next month’s Full Moon workshop, we will continue with part 2 of this journey, where he will take us all the way up to the 13th dimension – the Throne of the I AM.

Our Light Family and I AM Presence have so many wonderous gifts for us! There is much excitement already building for this event. I can feel it! We will also take part in another Ascension Flame ceremony to boost our energy vibration ~ by courtesy of Saint Germain and his portable atomic accelerator. Each time we do these Ascension Flame ceremonies, we create a greater web of Light for the Planet.

Oops….now I’m hearing the song in my mind, “What a Feeling” by Irene Cara! How appropriate..thank you Angels!

We are so looking forward to this workshop! Please REGISTER HERE.

LAUNCH OF TACT WORKSHOPS beginning Saturday the 1st September

Archangel Michael and myself are excited to announce the launching of a new workshop where we will be teaching The Art of Communicating Telepathically (TACT) and all that this entails.

The teaching in this Online Workshop is sponsored through the directorship of Archangel Michael. We will be offering these workshops twice a month at different times to accommodate the East/West time zones.

More information on the contents of the TACT workshops can be found HERE.


As we approach the last quarter of 2018 and the upcoming Equinox in September, we’re looking forward to many more dynamic shifts taking place. Michael promised that this year would be the year of LUMINOSITY and he wasn’t kidding! In order for us to know ourselves as Light, we needed to shift the shadows. This was expected.

Since the Solstice we have shifted a considerable amount of negative energy and we will continue doing so for the remainder of this year, but I’m happier to report that it does get easier, as our Higher Self and I AM Presence has greater access to our energy field and is therefore able to shift this energy for us without us having to go through much personal discomfort.

We are experiencing ourselves as multi-dimensional, and our heightened senses we can now easily discern one frequency from another and consciously make the choice of which frequency we would like to be tuned into. It’s a matter of CHOOSING. We can truly be IN the 3d world without it affecting us as much as it used to, by detaching ourselves and acting as the observer rather than the victim.  There already is a greater sense of freedom as we are more aware of our divine heritage, and the support structure we have during our sojourn here on Earth.

2019 holds many, many new and unexpected joys Beloveds! It’s not a number 3 year for no reason! So hang onto your seat-belts!!


Beloveds, just like in Irene Cara’s song, we say to you: “Take your passion and make it happen!” Yeah!! Rock on folks! It can only get better and better as we raise ourselves up into the higher octaves of Light and into the WHOLENESS of our Being!

We love you! We bless you!

And we wish you a most glorious week ahead!