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Energy Update and Feedback on Friday’s Full Moon Workshop

Beloveds, what a wonderful experience our workshop turned out to be! We anchored Light! And we stretched our Light portal even wider than it was before! It matters not that we had some background noises – most of them we edited out anyway! The most important part is that we made a difference once more in the lives of others. If there is one thing we can do as humans it’s making choices that make a positive impact in the lives of others. These are the best choices!

Every little chance we get in life to make a more loving choice –go with that! Choose that! This is how we expand our Light and merge a little more with the Presence of the God I AM inside of us in that moment we CHOOSE Light and Love.

Friday’s workshop was phenomenal. Daniela’s work with the Elemental Realm has deepened and she is now working with Elemental Beings from the 9th Dimension. She is also channeling the Masters and she kindly did a channeled reading for each of us who attended the live call.

Daniela got the inspired idea to do a bonus recording for the workshop of the Ascension Chair Ceremony. So we have been gifted with this extra bonus Mp3 and she’s included her singing bowl in the recording. The energies that came through for me listening to it this morning were just phenomenal.

We’re also including a bonus recording from the Pleiadians on protecting your energy field. You can purchase the recordings by clicking on the link below.

CLICK HERE to Purchase Recordings – 5 Audio’s (151Mb)

Right now we’re making such phenomenal progress merging with our I AM Presence – the God Source energy within us – which resides in the 13th dimension of our reality. Archangel Michael refers to this Source energy as the undifferentiated Source which connects us to Matrix of Life – which IS Life Itself. More and more we are making this connection now at a deeper level and this is where we’re heading as we approach the end of 2018. In the New Year we will experience the re-unification with our Source energy, which will propel us into the next stage of our ascension process. This is really going to be an exciting period for us as we will step into the knowing of our True Selves.

We love you and we wish you a fabulous week ahead!


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