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Archangel Mchael“Whatever is watered by your attention flowers. That goes for fear as well. People’s fears become so believable because they’ve fed them with their attention. They’ve given them life. Now you have to give life to the love within you by looking for it, sitting with it, and letting yourself experience it. By saying yes to it instead of no, it will begin to blossom within you. Only you can do this work. No one else can experience your love for you. I can only point to it and give you these instructions, but ultimately, you must choose to give it life, to let love live, to let love be felt and expressed. This may sound hard to do (the mind makes everything seem difficult), but it isn’t hard. Once you choose this, you’ll see that love has been there all along, waiting for you to notice it. Love rejoices in your discovery of it. The angels rejoice in your discovery of it. We are all pulling for you to align with love, because that’s what this life on earth is all about. The winners of the game of life are the ones who learn to love. Of course, everyone eventually does learn to love, because the game of life is rigged to teach you this. That’s why it is actually easy to learn to love: The forces that be want this for you more than anything else, and they’ll do whatever it takes to help you learn to love. You have the force of the universe behind you when you finally make love instead of fear your constant companion.” – Lord Jesus

The Trinity of Blessings Attunement to Divine Love from Archangel Michael

Did you know that the Trinity of Blessings is an attunement that can help you embody more and more Divine Love? The cost of this attunement is just $20, the proceeds of which goes towards supporting the financial needs of Light Workers.

When you purchase this attunement we will send you a Mp3 Meditation with our compliments to assist you in your daily meditation practice.

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Love and Infinite Blessings!


Deborah Faith