What is your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is not being able to support myself financially throughout the remainder of this transition. I am worrying myself sick that my fear of winding up destitute and living on a park-bench may become a reality. I’m worrying that I am attracting that reality to myself and I feel powerless to change it. I know it’s silly, that I shouldn’t feel that way, but at the same time, there is a part of me that feels as though the fear is getting the better of me.

I won’t let that happen, I promise you.

You won’t?


You can prevent it from happening?

I can. I’m the Great Redeemer remember. There comes a time when I step in and take over. The time is now for you My love.  I will not stand by and let you suffer any longer. I would love it if all of you would just let go and surrender, but I understand that there is a small part of you that is still steeped in fear, but if you can bide your time with Me, and allow Me, I will love that part of you until you are completely whole and free. Love moves mountains and I am the Great Mover! I love nothing more than being the Redeemer of Souls who are genuinely ready for redemption. Souls who have given their heart to Me in unconditional love. The remainder of the dross that you have accumulated over your eons of time away from Me, are nothing but dust in the wind. Let me assure your fears of unfounded, and that your time of complete redemption is nigh. Do not cry anymore My precious one, you are safe with Me.


I had to stop crying, how could I not when one is having a conversation with the One who loves you the most in this world. How can we fail to trust when we have such love within us? As I was having the conversation above I had to research in my thesaurus the word “Redeemer” just to make sure I’d heard correctly… “Savior, Rescuer, Liberator, Knight in shining armor.” Yes, I thought to myself. I’d heard Him perfectly. I’m sharing the message above with you in the hopes that your fears too may be assuaged in the assurance that you are not alone.

Namasté, Aloha, So much love!