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what happens after death

I want to say that The Source for the information that I offer and disseminate does not come from the human level of existence. Humans are too deluded and ignorant to know what comes next once the brief phase of life has been completed and the physical form is left behind. What I wish to reveal comes from Those Who know what They are talking about, The Teachers of The Spiritual Hierarchy (see “Who Are The Spiritual Hierarchy?“) for Planet Earth Who have guided and accelerated the evolutionary progress of Humankind for millions of years (for related teachings by Master Hilarion see publications by Marcus Books).

This is what happens and there need be no secrecy or confusion about it. I desire to dispel all of the disinformation about the process that we call “death”, and I hope to eliminate any fear that has come to be associated with it because that emotional charge of fear becomes a stumbling block to a smooth transition once the consciousness leaves the physical vehicle. I also want to state unequivocably and emphatically that there is no such thing as death. It just doesn’t happen, and it just isn’t possible. You and I will live forever. There won’t be and there can’t be any dissolution of consciousness, which does not require form for its existence. Consciousness uses form for learning and experience and coming to know itself at this Level of Reality, but that is a transitory state in the sojourn of a Soul through the “Fields of The Lord” and this Playground of a Universe.

The moment of so-called death is chosen by the Higher Self, which is the Essence of the self or Soul. One can’t lose one’s Soul or send it off to some eternal damnation or the like. One is one’s Soul! The personality that you have come to be is a fragment or portion of the Consciousness of your Soul or Higher Self, one of hundreds or even thousands, and you are held in very high esteem by the Source of your being and loved dearly. That Source knows the most opportune and meaningful moment for the consciousness to be withdrawn from your body, and that is where the decision is made with all factors being taken into consideration in its ineffable wisdom. There is the exception of suicide, but otherwise there are no accidents or blunders or mistakes on the part of the incarnate personality. The arrangements for the ending of an earth-walk are orchestrated with exquisite precision by the Soul, and the intentional symbolisms involved will be forever remembered by the particular aspect of the Soul undergoing the experience.

I want to offer a reassurance regarding lifetimes that are disrupted by traumatic events, the seeming sudden end of a life. The Higher Self withdraws the consciousness from that body before there is suffering from the pain of the event, and It knows precisely when to do that.

Now, at the moment of transition that we call death, there is both the withdrawing of the consciousness and the life-force from the physical and the aetheric bodies. The aetheric body is the template for the physical one, serving as the vehicle of transfer of the life-force which originates with the Higher Self. That life-force flows through the so-called Silver Cord (or Sutratma) and into the chakras of the aetheric body and thence is distributed by way of the life-force channels that are called meridians or nadis in that aetheric body. Well, at that moment, the Silver Cord is withdrawn from those two physical bodies making them no longer viable, but it remains attached to the astral body and the focus of consciousness is shifted into the astral form which is also called the emotional body, it being the source of all emotional expression.

I could digress briefly to explain that we are septenary in our beingness, and as such we have seven bodies or energy fields comprising our individual beingness. There are four lower forms that are known as the physical, the aetheric, the astral, and the mental, which effectively bridges the lower to the higher, and there are three higher energy fields that go by different names depending on The Master Teacher that has described them. They are not really relevant to the discussion at hand.

Within the astral body, then, the transitioning person has the general experiences that follow. They briefly view their physical body now departed and are entirely unattached to it. It served its purpose and has no more attraction for them. There is an inner beckoning toward what appears to be a tunnel, which is usually created by those who are coming to greet the newly-passed individual and which symbolically represents the moving up through the heavier layers of reality near to the dense Physical Level (Third Density). Other symbolic representations can be used depending on the expectations of the person, e.g. the River Styx, a bridge, clouds, the pearly gates, etc.

The brilliant White Light toward which they are drawn at the end of the tunnel is the Higher Self or Soul of that person. There is a merging with that Essence of their being and an experience of coming home and being made whole once again. They are immersed in a feeling of total acceptance and unconditional love, and it can best be described as an ecstatically joyful experience. Many think that they are in The Presence of God, but they are not. Their Source Self has welcomed them back with open arms, but it is a temporary merging though an intense and gratifying one.

After that an Angelic Being, Who specializes in such, asks a question which is intended to discover what you have learned in the lifetime and to promote reflection on all those you may have helped, the basic purpose of an Earth incarnation. At that moment, there is a review of the entire past life which seems to stretch on for a long time but which actually amounts to a flash of No-Time. The Higher Self supervises all that is seen and remembered, and every scene, encounter, and event holds purpose in the pattern of developement of that individual. The Angel guides the understanding as the life review is presented, and there is a direct knowingness by the one who has just passed on.

When the review is completed, those friends and family who had preceded the person and who are still on the Astral Planes come to greet and have a reunion. This can also be a joyful occasion, and beloved pets in their astral form may be seen as may some associates and friends from other lifetimes. They may not necessarily appear the same age as when last seen but may look younger and more vibrant, as the astral substance conforms instantly to the suggestions and desires of the mind.

After meeting with all who have come to welcome the astral traveler, that individual is taken by his or her Guides to the Astral Level that is most commensurate and compatible with their vibrational rate of being, which is synonymous with their level of awareness and developement of consciousness. It is nearly an automatic process of like attracting like when they are drawn to the certain Astral Plane where they belong for the time being.

This is when they enter schools and training programs to work out the lop-sided tendencies and imbalances ingrained in the personality from the most recent incarnation. Habits and inappropriate attitudes and addictions and extensive misconceptions from the erroneous teachings by humans must be eliminated. This all takes as long as it takes, although to be honest there is no passage of time where this is occurring. There are plenty of teachers and all levels of schools imaginable. The main point to be understood is that all that is incompatible in the personality with higher consciousness and the highly-refined energies of the Soul must be worked through and worked out before the permanent merging with the Soul can be accomplished. It can be no other way, and it is no other way.

In point of clarification, the newly arrived personality has the same level of knowledge and personality traits and behaviors and spiritual awareness as when they “died” to their physical body. There is no sudden flash of enlightenment simply because the operative consciousness has shifted to the astral form. That’s the reason for the education and training by Master Teachers who know all too well the all-engrossing illusion and the profound ignorance that a lifetime on Earth embraces. There is much remedial work to be undertaken before loftier matters can be addressed.

Memory of the recently lived embodiment is fully intact at first, but the details begin to fade much like a dream fades upon awakening. The specifics of the more painful experiences fade more quickly so that they don’t interfere with the cleansing and balancing to which the efforts are directed. The essence of the immediate past life is available to the astral brain, but the totality of the life in all its details remains in the subconscious storehouse, and in due time when the personality has become more fully cleansed, they are taught how to tap the contents of the subconscious at will. This can be likened to recovering from a spell of amnesia.

Each astral individual is free to do as much or as little as they wish while in that Astral Realm. This is in keeping with the free-will expression allowed in this evolutionary scheme. As stated, the astral “substance” of that Level of Reality molds itself immediately to the contents of one’s thoughts and one’s beliefs and expectations if they go to one of the Upper Five Levels on the Astral Planes (explanation will follow), so that every astral personality will experience just exactly what they expect they are going to experience. Examples could be given ad infinitum, but the nihilist will experience nothingness; the Christian may encounter the “pearly gates” and a God The Father on a throne and legions of harp-strumming angels; while a Jew may have a rendezvous with Jehovah.

The power of consciousness and the creative potentialities of thought will be demonstrated on the Astral Planes. Eventually the personality, sooner or later, will come to the suspicion or even the realization that there must be something more, and that is when their Guides can help them out of the self-created hallucination and get them past the delusional blockages that arose out of the recent life on Earth. But I wanted to offer the warning that many can be entrapped by the false conceptions of the afterlife that have been taught for millennia by those who are no more cognizant of that afterlife than they are of the sweet Source of their being. Whatever you believe is going to happen to you when you “die” is going to appear to happen to you as the astral experience conforms to the expectation, and that includes a heaven and a hell and a paradise and a purgatory, but remember that it is not real in the objective sense and has temporarily been created in your mind.

There is much more to do than languishing in a personal hallucination and allowing it to hold up your progress. Once you reach out and ask your Guides for help, They will gleefully extract you from the quagmire of the erroneous belief and turn you in the right direction. I am also reminded to mention that continual grieving for and holding onto someone who has passed over is a major impediment to allowing them to do the necessary things at the Astral Level to become eligible for merging back with the Divine Source of their being. The ones who grieve, grieve only for themselves, and it is a harmful, selfish emotion which holds up the progress of the loved one who transitioned. If you set them free from your clinging, you have done the most loving thing you can do for them (I realize that modern society actually supports grieving, but then look at the level of consciousness of that society).

One way of looking at it, and this is the truth of the matter, when a loved one passes on and leaves behind the body that they used for a while here, the experience that they have when they melt into the absolute love of their Higher Self is the most indescribably JOYOUS experience of their life. It is anything but a sad and regretful moment for the one who has leaped off of this mortal coil. Please keep this in mind when the spectre of “death” has entered your world, and please inform the ones who are knocking on that door what kind of experience they can expect in order to spare them the unnecessary hallucinations that can only bring confusion and delay their spiritual progress.

I should mention that it is much easier for children to make the transition than their older counterparts, and the younger the child the easier it is for them to make it because they are less far removed from that more expansive and unlimited state of their being.

The progress of the individual in the Astral Realm is watched over by their Guardian Angel and their Guides. When the time for reintegration with the Higher Self has come, there is no loss of the individual personality in that assimilation and merging. There is no sensation of absorption or loss but rather of being made whole and complete. It is like recovering from amnesia, and the full details of the life just lived are recalled as are any other lifetimes that they wish to dwell upon. There is a full recall of Who one really is, and it is an event of great JOY!

I think it would be helpful to reveal a little bit about the Astral Planes, since that is where most of us are going after this little go-around on Planet Earth. There are 7 Major Divisions or Levels which are called Astral, and another way of describing it would be the Seven Levels of the Fourth Density in this particular solar system. In this planetary scheme it is called Astral, but on other planets with sentient life and emotional expression it would have a different name. Each of the Seven Major Levels has 7 sub-levels, the lowest one in vibratory nature or frequency of energies being the closest to our Third Density Reality. The Upper Five Major Levels are called the Summerland by The Ascended Masters (if need be, go to “What Is An Ascended Master, Anyway?“).

As an informative aside, the Astral Realms and their counterparts in other evolutionary schemes exist only on planets wherein the sentient life has emotional expression and consequently an emotional or astral body (far in the minority). The Astral Planes of Earth began and were created by the Collective Consciousness during the Atlantean Times when the quiescent, nascent emotional body was nurtured, expanded, and perfected by the 4th Root Race of Mankind (the Atlantean). These are the Planes of Illusion although an important part of the human experience on this planet. The Astral Planes will cease to exist during the 7th Root Race of Mankind when the emotional body will have been transcended for higher mental developement.

The Summerland Levels are permeated with warmth and light and automatically attract those relatively-evolved individuals who have helped and nurtured and cared for others during their cycle of incarnations. The more there has been the selfless giving of self in service to others and the expansion of their spiritual awareness, the higher Level to which they are drawn. The more the personality has spent their life in materialistic acquisitiveness and the serving of the self, the lower the Level to which they are automatically attracted.

The second-lowest Level is an Astral Realm for those who have serious problems to be worked out regarding the way that they interact with others. To it are drawn those who might be considered to be spiritually impoverished but who have not sought deliberately to inflict pain or suffering on others. The lowermost Level is a darkened, malevolence-permeated wasteland filled by horrible apparitions and where the self-tormented occupants wail endlessly for the evil they have spawned and which has so lowered their vibratory nature. It is a “hellish” experience to which are drawn those who have consistently treated others in a careless, cruel, and sadistic manner, for example the murderer who delights in seeing the terror and anguish of his victim. These individuals undergo a terrible torment and agony, but it is all self-inflicted by the choices they have freely made while incarnate. Their vibratory nature is such that if they were taken to a higher Level, they would not be able to tolerate the energies of that Level and would suffer exceedingly because of the mismatch of energies.

Thus, it can be no other way, and the Level to which everyone goes is a direct result of the choices that are freely made by each person as they live their life. There is no outside agency or force making condemnation or passing judgement. The process is entirely automatic and governed by the free-will expression of each incarnate personality.

In the lower Levels of the Summerland are found those individuals who have basically led an honorable life and who have met their obligations, given respect to others, and followed the rules set down by their societies. However, the love impulse from their 4th Chakra has been restrained, limited in its ability to flow freely and willingly. At a higher Level of the Summerland are those who have learned to give love to all life-forms but who have still not learned to use that creational power of love in the act of creation. The highest two Levels are occupied by those who have finally learned to utilize the Force (the Energies of the Second Ray), known to humans as love, to be co-creators, and it is used along with the power of the will and the mental exercise of visualization.

Finally, it should be obvious from this discourse that there is no such thing as hell or satan or mortal sin or damnation or a judgement day. They do not exist and have never existed, and I cannot be emphatic enough about it!! There is not a thing to fear about the process that we call death. In fact, it is far more traumatic to be coming into a physical body (as an infant) than it is to be leaving one. With the exception of those who have preyed mercilessly upon their fellow humans, there is laughter and relief and exaltation waiting on the other side of that tunnel, and when all the astral lessons have been thoroughly learned and all the cravings and desires from earth life have been dissipated, each one will be made whole in the supreme ecstacy of reunion with the Spark of God from which they originated. Be at peace in knowing this. (For additional, more detailed information about the dying process, go to “The Aetheric Body” and scroll down to #16.)


James Oliver Cyr, M.D.

Source: https://www.kuthumi-hands.com/writings/afterdeath/afterdeath.htm