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The purpose of crying is to release emotions that make you sad.
It’s important for your well being to vent and let the tears flow when you reach overload. The purpose of laughing is also for your well being. Humor relaxes you and reminds you not to take life so seriously all the time.

Imagine a World without laughter. When was the last time you had a really huge belly laugh? Remember how good it felt to laugh at a comedy with friends or to laugh at yourself. Not only do your oxygen levels rise but endorphins are released to make you feel better.

Feeling good is what it’s all about, surviving Earth life.
Daily exposure to negativity has a very detrimental affect on you.
Being told to “lighten up, take it easy, calm down”, by others is said with good intentions but often the recipient gets defensive because you just can’t instantly raise your feelings from low to high.

Do what makes you feel good at your own pace. Simple pleasures work best in steadily rising you away from gloom and doom. Your number one priority is to be a resident in the land of Joy. Life has many ups and downs and we are here to experience the good and the bad.

Each and every day forgive yourself and others and start with a clean slate.
Isn’t that a priceless gift being able to live TODAY without the past or present successes or imagined failures getting in your way?

No person, place, or thing can control or take away your Joy.
The Highest Vibration is Joy and Joy was given to you by your Creator.
Live in Joy and Gratitude my friends of the Earth.

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