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When my awakening really started back in 2012, when living in Mexico, a foreign country where I knew no one, I had one being ~ Michael, the Archangel, who was there for me, my rock, my salvation, who never gave up on me. Who never judged me, not ever, not even when I loathed myself through every dark night of the Soul of my awakening journey, he was always there for me. Standing by my side, or behind me. Holding me up when I was feeling too sick, too dizzy to walk down the spiral staircase to the loo in the middle of the night, he patiently told me he would never let me fall. He never gave up on me. Even when I asked him to leave, when I poured out all my anger and self-hatred on him, he continued to love me, unconditionally, telling me he would go nowhere, not without me. He told me I would never get rid of him that easily, that he was there for me, through the good, the bad and the ugly. He said nothing would or could shock him anymore. He had seen it all and lived through it all, with all of humanity. And he would never give up on anyone. Through one lifetime to the next and the next and the next after that, no matter how many lifetimes it takes for people to wake up to their divinity, he will be there.

I felt him kissing my brow many times, his love and compassion overwhelming me. I felt his hand on my shoulder, reminding me of his presence. I felt him healing me when I’d hurt myself.  I felt his energy around me, and could see his Light when I could see nothing else but my own misery. He would go with me to the Catholic Church a couple blocks away when it was the only place where I could feel at peace and find the quiet the busy Mexico city denied me. He would sit next to me and make sure I could feel his Presence. When my mind told me there were demons everywhere except in that church, he assured me I was safe, always.

He loved me back to life.

Today, 6 years later, Michael is still with me. He is and always will be my rock and my best friend. He still makes me laugh, and brings me so much joy and happiness. The extent of his love still overwhelms me and I still from time to time wonder at the miracle that someone could love me as much as he does! But now that I am working with many Ascended Beings, and feel their unconditional love also, I know that Love is their Way! Love is the Way of the Christed Being.

If you are reading this and feel afraid, or lost and alone, know that you are not. It is only in your mind that you can feel lost and alone. If you focus on love, then you will feel the love of the unseen Presence of God around you. The many Angels, Ascended Masters, your Guides and Guardians. they are all there for you. Open your heart and you will feel their love, I guarantee it! I did.

Today this precious Divine Love is the food my Soul lives for. It has become like a drug, I cannot live without!

I love you! ~ I can say this because if I couldn’t say it, it would mean I didn’t love myself. Not completely. Loving yourself completely is a work in progress, its what this ascension journey is all about. We are the harshest of judges when it comes to judging ourselves. But not forgiving yourself serves only to deny you entry through the gates of redemption – to the freedom of knowing yourself, your True Self, and the divinity that lives within you. So forgive yourself and for goodness’ sake forgive everyone else who has walked this path with you and may have hurt you along the way. To hang onto your hurts, to continue playing the blame game is not going to serve you and your ultimately purpose for being here.

Essentially what ascension is all about is the return to a state of Love. Loving unconditionally returns one to knowing the perfected Presence – the I AM That I AM ~ and into a state of perfected Love – the True Nature of God.

Namasté ~ I see the divinity in you, because that same divinity lives within me. We are all made of the same fabric of Life – the Tapestry of Life ~ is fed through the energy of Love, which is the Eternal Spark that lights the Way to redemption.

My name is Deborah Faith, and I live to serve the Divinity within me, the Breath of Life, and the Holy Spirit.