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There are many things parents can do to foster spiritual awareness in their children. I believe most children, especially those born in the nineties and the new millennium, do preserve some memory of preexistence, and you can encourage them to value and retain these memories. Ask them what it felt like before they became your child. If they refer to a past-life experience (not necessarily calling it that but inferring it), encourage them to tell you about it.

One reason children don’t remember their identity as Spirit is that we are not stimulated or encouraged to do so. Talking about life existing before birth and after death activates this awareness, especially in children. Traditional child rearing begins by teaching them that the five physical senses are the extent of their world. Anything not seen, heard, felt, smelled, or tasted is considered not real but imaginary and therefore is not valuable. With such a message, obvious or subtle, children assume that their perceptions of Spirit Being and Reality are incorrect. They then give up their true sense of Self for a limited human identity. The sad irony here is that these kids must then spend most of their adult life looking for what they already had and unlearning what society has taught them so that they may simply remember what they knew in the first place.

Constantly remind your children that they already know. Nothing is beyond their knowing. When they study, it is not to learn something they do not already know but rather to bring them into an attitude of receptivity where they may tap into the Knowing already within them. This is true for all of us, you and me, as well as for our children. Of course, adults have more to “forget” in order to remember that we are all part of a vast ocean of awareness that is ours by Divine descent.

Before we came into material form, we existed; after we leave this physical form, we will still exist. We are ongoing, infinite, All-Knowing BEING. Once we enter into a human experience, we are forced to act as if we do not know who we are and therefore have to be taught. But because divine Being is omniscient and we are divine Being, what is there for us to be taught? It only remains for us to guide our children to remember their true Self. Teach them the value of peaceful moments. Sit with them in silence so they can remember what it’s like to just BE. This need not be more than one or two minutes a day, but it should be without interruption––no TV, music, or phone.

Help them develop a reverence for all life, no matter how insignificant it might appear. Even an annoying insect is worthy of the life that animates it. If you cannot escort the bug out of your environment then at least, if you must destroy it, do so without violence or malice.

Teach that everything is connected by an invisible thread of spirit. This thread unites all life into ONE. In human form, this is called humanity. In spirit form, it is called God. The feeling of union with all life on the planet is the same as Allness. It is what we all felt before we incarnated. Such a concept will be familiar to most young children.

Two more things are extremely helpful in awakening spiritual identity in children. The first is to teach them to be conscious. This is a skill. If developed early, it will result in an adult life lived in understanding and peace. There is always a moment in any situation when we can choose our response. Such a moment goes unnoticed by someone who is not actively aware. In the aware person, such a moment is the point of power. Its recognition and use make the difference between living life as a victim or living it as Conscious Spirit Being. Conscious living is responsible living, but this has nothing to do with burden or obligation. Responsibility means the ability to respond in a CONSCIOUS way to whatever is happening. It is simply another way of asking yourself, “What action do I choose?” You cannot respond if you are not aware that there is something to respond to. The ability to respond is not so much about doing the “right” thing or the “wrong” thing. It is knowing that, “right” or “wrong,” you get to choose.

Try not to speak to children of choices in terms of consequences. Choices are roads taken. Every conscious or unconscious choice we make constitutes a step traveled in the soul’s journey. If we make a “bad” choice, the result isn’t a consequence to our soul, but simply a bumpier journey. We could have taken a smoother or faster road (choice), but at the time we acted, the more strenuous road had more appeal. Our choice reflects where we were at that time in our awareness. If we are not even aware we have a choice, it only shows how unconscious we are. By teaching your kids to recognize the moment of choice in all situations, you are teaching them to live a conscious, responsible life.

This awareness and ability to respond is an important ingredient in spiritual living and fosters ever-increasing awareness. The other helpful thing in awakening spiritual consciousness in your children is to avoid encumbering them with all the limitations of a human lineage, that is, do not pass on to your children your or your family’s good or bad human qualities. Just keep reminding your kids of their spiritual qualities.

Remember, each child born is a child of Divine Creation, not a child of Bill and Mary. Bill and Mary agreed to create the vehicle for a soul to enter into human experience, but recognize that that soul is not just beginning life when it is born. That soul is life eternal. It was life before it was born into human form and it will continue to be life after it leaves human form behind. Do not clutter that soul’s experience with erroneous beliefs. Do not tell your children, “Oh, you must be careful about eating too much because all the women in our family have a tendency to put on weight.” When you tell open, trusting children that they will get fat if they eat too much, they will believe you. Then that belief (which is really yours) becomes their reality. How do you know that being fat was one of the genetic characteristics that soul was planning to explore? If it was not, you have entered that limitation into your child’s experience by stating as fact something that is really your belief about reality. Such statements, good or bad, are contrary to any child’s spiritual heritage.

Can you remember when you were a child and expressed a talent for the first time? For example, the first time you drew a picture, you saw it as beautiful. In your child-innocence, you knew that the drawing came from your own Essence. You felt your talent. Children know they are talented, beautiful, and they have their own intelligence. This knowing does not come from a place of comparisons but from a place of Oneness. Until the outer world begins to judge a child’s appearance, IQ, or abilities, that child sees, senses, and trusts that he or she is perfect. Children will blossom in their Knowing if we do not diminish or destroy it. As most of us know, this Knowing can be destroyed by criticism and neglect. But have you considered how a well-meaning remark can set children to doubt their perfection? When you tell children that their beauty, talent, or intelligence comes from their uncle, mother, or father, you are telling them that they themselves cannot take the credit for these qualities.

As parents we forget that our children may still be very much in touch with their spirit nature (at least until they are eleven or twelve years old). They still have a memory of their Completeness––a state of being where they feel the perfection of Self. Because they are physically and emotionally dependent on you, they can and will discard their inner knowing of Self for what you tell them. If you tell them they have talent because they inherited it from a relative, a child may translate that as, “This is not my own Being expressing Itself. This is something outside of Self given to me by my uncle.” In a stroke, they are thus denied the vast repertoire of skills, talents, and wisdom from their spirit. It may take them a lifetime to recover these treasures, if ever.

Our children come to us knowing and believing they have all that God has––all talent, all ability, all beauty, and all intelligence. You love and are concerned about your children, but try not to define their new life experience according to your own limited ideas.

What about heredity? Does it count? Yes, of course it is a factor. The soul chooses its parents partly for their genetics. But while the genetic pattern is an integral part of a soul’s physical experience, it is never the Truth about the soul. The Truth is always perfection.

If we remind and encourage our children to remember their spiritual identity, then any genetic condition can and will be met with grace and ease. If your child has the same talent as Uncle Henry (such as musical ability) then instead of saying, “You got that talent from your uncle,” say, “It’s great; you and Uncle Henry have the same talent.” That way, a child’s integrity is left intact and they don’t have to surrender a part of their Knowing.

Are you saying we should let our kids walk around thinking they know everything? No, but neither should they walk around thinking their abilities are defined by the size of their brain, the shape of their bodies, or the judgment of a talent scout or teacher. The knowledge, talent, or physical ability of children depends upon how much they recall of their spiritual nature. Reminding our kids that they come from a place of Knowing and that they only have to remember develops an awareness and trust in their identity as Spirit Being.

Why don’t all children have a “fairy person” to help them through the difficult times? I don’t know. I do know that all children (and adults) have access to Spirit. The invisible family and teachers who are a part of every soul’s journey are always near their young earthly charges, but much may depend on the individual child’s ability to respond to the invisible. The environment may also have some impact. If there are no quiet corners or alone moments, then it might be very difficult for a child to connect in a conscious way with his or her invisible help. But we must not forget, whether our children are consciously aware of it or not, that their spiritual family and teachers are ever-present, protecting, guiding, and loving them.

The above is an excerpt from “Gifts” written by a fully awakened (and conscious) human being. Download the full book – HERE

Source ~ http://www.spiritualresources.info