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clearing the halls of amentiBeloveds,

We have an update to share with you on our forthcoming Full Moon Workshop to be held on the 17th June 2019.

We have announced that we will  be offering a meditation to help you to meet and merge with your 5th dimensional expression of Self, and also that Lord Metatron will be enveloping us in his Web of Light during which time Lord Michael will take us on a journey to open the 7 Secret Chambers of our Diamond Heart.

We have now received a deeper understanding of what all of this entails…

Firstly, meeting our 5th dimensional expression of Self will afford us an opportunity to bridge the gap in our awareness of Self – and with the help of our I AM Presence, and overlighted by Lords Sananda, Metatron and Michael, and Lady Nada, we will be booted into a higher level of consciousness in preparation for the next part of the workshop.

With our 5th Dimensional Self on board, we will then be cosseted in Lord Metatron’s Web of Light and then taken into a deep clearing experience with Lord Michael into the 7 Secret Chambers of our Diamond Heart.

These 7 Secret Chambers are where our deepest and darkest ‘secrets’ or fears reside. The Secret Chambers can be likened to the Halls of Amenti Thoth speaks about in the Emerald Tablets:

“Deep in Earth’s heart lie the Halls of Amenti, far ‘neath the islands of sunken Atlantis, Halls of the Dead and Halls of the Lliving, bathed in the fire of the infinite ALL.”

The Halls of Amenti are described as a space between worlds where “no-time” exists –  colliding past, present, and future. It is a crystallized codex of consciousness, which is simultaneously a hall of records and a plane of reality that has been forged in both love and fear consciousness.

This mysterious space (like that of the Akashic records) stores all experiences, memories, emotions, actions, intentions, and moments of the human and planetary experience based in fear.

In order for  us to make a significant breakthrough into knowing ourselves as Love, we will be opening these 7 Secret (Secret ….because we have kept them hidden) Chambers with the assistance of these powerful Beings of Light, and facing some of our deepest fears. But bear in mind Beloveds…. fear is illusion! False Evidence Appearing as though it were Real.

When we asked the question this morning if it were possible to experience life as a 5th dimensional expression of Self whilst still in a 3rd dimensional reality, Lord Michael answered, “No – not at the level of consciousness in which you currently reside. However we bring you hope that this is entirely possible once the veils are cleared of most of the dross acquired throughout your multiple lifetimes in your 3rd dimensional expression. Once you have cleared the veils to a certain degree, then sure, it becomes possible. We have made it known to you through many Light Beings and Teachers, that once you have reached a point in clarity, then you shall be joyfully received into the arms of those you left behind in the 5th Dimension. This is our intention with this Workshop.”

In a channeling yesterday for a client, I received this beautiful message from Archangel Michael. I’m sure she will not mind me sharing this message with you:

“Beloved, I speak to you with so much love in my heart. I feel so much love and compassion for you at this time. I am with you always, and am ever near to support and comfort you in your time of need. Take heart in this knowing that all is as it should be. All is well. Peace comes from the knowing only Divine Love is real. Call upon the angels, for all angels are of the embodiment of the perfection of God’s Love, and they shall help you to also embody Divine Love NOW in this time and space, and therefore in each and every moment in your awakening. Take these words and feel them resonate in your Sacred Heart – your Heart of Hearts, and you will feel the Love of your Creator glowing (and growing) within you. Know that you ARE this Love in your very Heart of Hearts. This is your time of awakening to that realization – to that Perfect and Divine Love of the Creator.” – I AM Archangel Michael

We know that in order to become an embodiment of Divine Love, we first have to clear out all that which is not love – that which has been created in fear.

So Beloveds, we invite you to join us in this next Full Moon Workshop. Please click here to make your booking. If you cannot make the live transmission, and would still like to be a part of the workshop, please do connect with Lord Michael stating this intention. You may also purchase the recordings to help you receive all of the benefits of this transmission through the audio Mp3’s.

We lovingly guide you also that if it is your intention to be a part of the Workshop, to please keep your vibration as high as possible before attending the Workshop, by abstaining from eating meat, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or taking recreational drugs. The eating of animal flesh is filled with fear energy and there are fear based entities which cleverly attach themselves to your energy body when you make the choice to indulge in any of these things. All of this energy is weakening your energy field and serves no purpose whatsoever in your awakening.

We thank you for reading this message. We leave  you with our infinite love and blessings!


~ Deborah Faith

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