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You’re on the right path ~ Keep Focussing on Love!

Dear Readers,

I come to you at this time with this urgent message. Keep focussing on Love. Make Love your personal choice. Make all your decisions, and take all your actions from the viewpoint and standpoint of Love. Love is the only way.

We know you have heard this before. And you will keep hearing it until we are sure you have received this message loud and clear, and are implementing this in your daily life experience.

You are presently having to face your deepest fears, and you may be feeling as though you have ventured off your path. But we say to you, No – you are on the right path! It is time now for this fear to be cleared. It no longer plays a role in your current reality.

For most of  you this is fear that has been ‘karmically’ imprinted into your DNA through your parents at the point of your conception. This fear comes through generations of fear based consciousness, going back eons in time.

The good news is that you are not alone! Call on the Angels, your Guides, your Ancestors – the Ascended Masters and Lady Masters. These beings are all standing by, ready and waiting to assist you in shifting these karmic timelines.

The time is now! On the Solstice on Friday the 21st June, we’re offering a deep cleansing Double Helix healing workshop where you will be assisted in letting go of all that which no longer serves you.

The cost of the live workshop is 33 Euro, or you can purchase the audio recording for 17 Euro. You can also just ask your Higher Self and/or guides to receive this healing energy, and it shall be so. The audio is merely a tool to help you receive the energy in a more tangible manner.

We urge you to remember also, that what  you focus on is what creates your life experiences. Therefore choose wisely. You are in every moment deciding into which frequency you are to tuning into. Fear or Love.

Stay focussed – Stay in the Power of Love!

We Love you!

Namasté ~ Deborah Faith

Note: If you would like to share this message, you do so with our blessing, but please do not change anything. We ask also that you please include the following links:

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