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Beloved Readers,

So much energy shifted in June with the Full Moon and Solstice alignments, and I feel the work we did really made a significant difference in the perception of ourselves as an aspect of Light and Love of the Divine, clearing separation consciousness and opening the bridge into Solar Christ consciousness.

In the Full Moon Workshop, Daniela ‘s clearing of the 7 secret heart chambers with Archangel Michael was very powerful indeed, as we felt the power aspect of God coming through the Blue Ray. It was so beautiful that I felt we should include some of that clearing in our Solstice Double Helix Healing Workshop, which was an intense chakra healing using the Blue Diamond Reiki Light to heal separation consciousness and again to bridge this gap in our human awareness and perception. This workshop also opens the passageway between the energy centers so that there is synergy (energy flow) between them, above and below, as no one chakra works alone, always blending with the energy above and below creating a bridge in consciousness between the two and into the central core – the One Heart.

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